‘The Wolf Among Us’ Episode 4 Release Date and Predictions

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Telltale Games has announced the release date for episode 4 of the highly popular game "The Wolf Among Us." The upcoming episode will be available for download for PC, Mac, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and iOS. Fans are excited about the release and have come up with a set of predictions for the possible ending.

"The Wolf Among Us" Episode 4 - In Sheep's Clothing will be available for PC and Mac on 27 May worldwide, the Xbox 360 will get it by 28 May worldwide, the PlayStation 3 version will be available in North America on 27 May and iOS device owners will have to wait till 29 May. Many of the fans were expecting the episode to be released by late May or early June and are excited to see the company meet their expectations.

The new trailer of "The Wolf Among Us" gives hints to the viewers about what to expect in episode 4. Fans are excited about the new trailer as it gives little away and keeps the excitement going. Many of the trailers tend to give away a lot of spoilers.

Fans have been left guessing who The Crooked Man is. Most of the story has ties to The Crooked Man - the dead girls, Crane's debt and the Tweedies. Some fans are predicting that The Crooked Man is the monster seen in the video while others suspect that he is a kingpin who has managed to stay hidden from Bigby.

 "The Wolf Among Us" will have a total of five episodes and the fourth episode is expected to connect a lot of the dots in preparation for a grand finale. Fans can expect to see a lot more magic and bloodshed.

"The Wolf Among Us" Episode 4 can be purchased for $5. All five episodes can be purchased for a price of $24.99. iOS users will be able to buy episodes 2 to 5 in a package deal for $14.99. Fans are hoping the upcoming episodes will be longer than the previous episodes.

Has Bigby met his match? Viewers saw a beaten and bloody Bigby in the trailer who is determined to fix everything. Fans are predicting an epic battle with the possibility of The Jersey Devil featuring in "The Wolf Among Us" Episode 4.

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