Withings Activité Takes on the Moto 360, Promises a Stylish Alternative to Usual Smartwatches

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The Moto 360 might have earned wide acclaim for its killer looks though the Android Wear based device looks set for some strong competition from the likes of Withings Activité in the not too distant future. As reported in Design Milk, the Withings Activité is more of a classic watch from the analog era that is able to hide its smart attributes with surprising elan. In fact, it could well pass off as a Swiss analog watch draped in chrome that has oodles of style and functionality to offer.

The basic design philosophy behind Withings Activité is to avoid being a jack-of-all-trade sort of thing that Android Wear normally envisages. As Withings CEO Cédric Hutchings revealed to The Verge, "We tried to really turn the equation upside down, and to stop trying to make a piece of technology with a screen, a piece of rubber, something you need to charge every day. We tried to start with a watch."

As such, the Withings Activité comes with the ability to keep a tab on the health and fitness aspects of the user which its makers believe has more potential and usage for a personal smart wearable device than serving as a secondary device for dealing with smartphone notifications.

This makes the device to come with the usual two hand dial that tells the hour and minute though it's the third hand that serves special purposes. The device works in accordance with the data set at the HealthMate app that is currently compatible with only the iOS, with the third hand doing the data tracking. It is designed to track steps, swimming strokes and sleep pattern and will inform the user once they have reached the pre-determined goal set via the app.

The device communicates with the iPhone via Bluetooth Low Energy and boasts of an internal accelerometer. Besides sleep, steps and strokes, the device is also able to keep a tab on blood oxygen levels, pulse as well as the heart rate. To top it off, the Withings Activité is also water resistant upto an astounding 50 mtrs.

However, with a price tag of $390, the Withings Activité can't exactly be compared with the smartwatches we have seen so far, speculates BGR. That probably is the price to be paid for a watch that has dollops of style to offer together with the ability to keep a tab on health and fitness aspects. 

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