Winter’s Tale Review: A Disappointing Depiction of ‘Magic’ of Romance on Screen

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Winter's Tale has been one of the most anticipated movies of the year. The expectations were even higher as the romantic movie was chosen to be released on the eve of the Valentine's Day on Feb. 13. Here is how the movie has turned out to be.

The Cast

Jessica Brown Findlay, Colin Farrell, Will Smith, Jennifer Connelly and Russell Crowe


Akiva Goldsman (Academy Award winning screenwriter for "A Beautiful Mind")

The Story

This is the love story of a thief named Peter Lake (Colin Farrell) and a terminally ill girl Beverly Penn (Jessica Brown Findlay). The interesting twist in the romance is caused by Pearly Soames (Russell Crowe) who is desperate to kill Peter.

The Highs

All the actors in the movie did a commendable job in trying to be the character they are supposed to be. Certain scenes such as the first time Peter and Beverly meet over a cup of tea succeeds in establishing a simple but effective mood which flirts with sexual tension. The movie is full of "things of beauty" like Brown Findlay's lips or her nightgowns.

The Lows

Mark Adams, the movie critic from The Sunday Mirror, blamed "Winter's Tale" for trying too hard. On the other hand, Canada AM critic Richard Crouse is harsher in his review as he called the movie "frustrating." He felt that there was no magic in the screenplay even though it was written by an Academy Award winning writer. Postmedia critic Katherine Monk does not find the movie to be "authentically human."

The Verdict

"Winter's Tale" may just remain in the history as a movie which had enormous possibilities but ended up focusing more on the special effect than the "real" magic on screen. The movie would have made a stronger impact if the makers worked more on writing a much more compact screenplay and a more realistic approach.

The Rating


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