Wingsuit Jumper Dies In The Swiss Alps


Australian Alex Duncan, a wingsuit jumper and a thrillseeker, died as he made an extreme jump in the Swiss Alps. According to investigations conducted by Swiss police, Duncan had veered away from the correct track immediately after he made his jump. He smashed into rock walls about 300 m down the mountain. He was proclaimed dead on the spot.

People close to Duncan shared that he had been jumping since he was 18. His philosophy for extreme sports is to have a "mix of a little bit crazy and a little bit brave" but to be always logical too.

In his YouTube postings, he described extreme sports to be always dangerous as it involves very high risk.

The World Wingsuit League or WWL is mourning Duncan's death. In a statement, the league said that it is deeply saddened about Duncan's tragic death in the time that he had just entered the international wingsuit scene by publishing videos of him doing hard core proximity flying.

"Today he is gone ...Our condolences to family and friends," the statement reads.

ProBase World Cup, an international competition for Base jumpers, described Duncan as s "superhero of the community."

"Only a few days ago this amazing shot of [him] went around the community, causing awe and inspiration. Now [he] is gone, another up and coming Superhero of the community has left us way too early," ProBase said in its tribute.

Duncan's friends left heartfelt messages on his Facebook page. One friend said that "those who felt the taste of the skies, will never have lived in vain." Another friend wished for him to "fly free at the blue skies."

The Australian Government, through the office of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, advised for travelers to exercise normal safety precautions in Switzerland.

Australians are reminded to exercise common sense and look out for suspicious behaviour, as how they would normally do in the country.

It is highly recommended to check the entry and exit requirements for travelers as Switzerland is a party to the Schengen Convention.

Most importantly, travelers are being cautioned about the unpredictable weather in alpine regions. There is risk that avalanches, flash flooding, and mudslides can happen without warning.

Although there is no heightened alert about ongoing risk of terrorism in Europe, terrorist attacks have been happening in a number of European cities.

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