Windows Phone 8.1 vs. iOS 8: Best Points of New Windows Phone 8.1 Platform

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Windows Phone 8.1 version from Microsoft now offers several new exciting features that give differences from iOS and enough reasons for Nokia Lumia users to stay longer.

Live Tiles Now Customisable

Customisation options on the Live Tiles have been improved on Windows Phone 8.1 running devices. Users can change the colour schemes, choose different accents and themes, and even put a favourite image as the background of an app tile. Moreover, multitasking is now upgradable using folders, pinning of almost anything on the Live Tiles, mass selection of call logs, messages and contacts, specify apps other people can use via Apps Corner and more.

Virtual Assistance Now Supported

Cortana will provide queries, suggestions and useful recommendations just like any other virtual assistant apps for smartphones and it is native on the device. It acts similarly with Apple's Siri and Android's Google Now services.

Cortana also learns via its "notebook" feature that stores interests, routines and activities. It features three planners, alerts to remind the user, perform voice commands and more. Here are some notable tasks Cortana's notebook can do for users:

-          User's interests such as weather, news, trip planner, traffic and daily updates which can be customised.

-          'Remind Me' feature for to-do lists, notes, task alarms, alerts per location and reminder from calls and messages.

-          Quiet Hours as Do Not Disturb mode that filters notifications, alerts, calls and messages at user's discretion.

-          For greater efficiency, Cortana can use the Inner Circle list as exemption to Quiet Hours.

-          Organise travel between places from home or work with integration to Maps.

-          Search for favourite music tracks.

-          Advanced functions such as flight plan, full reset, setting up a new name and cloud syncing.

Wide Range of Integrated Services

Windows Phone OS supports cross-platform access to Android and iOS via different services. These Microsoft services allow users from Android and iOS to interact easily to Windows Phone devices ranging from communication to entertainment.

1.      Skype is usable on computers, tablets, Android and iOS devices. Windows Phone users can also communicate with BlackBerry owners via BBM app.

2.      For documents and presentation used on business and enterprise, Microsoft offers Office app to Android and iOS devices with one difference - Windows Phone users can get all features such as create new documents and support for SkyDrive cloud storage.

3.      Windows Phone 8.1 features a personal search engine known as Bing and integrated with Cortana and selected social apps such as Facebook.

4.      Windows Phone Store offers several apps and some features unique experience such as Instagram integration. Additionally, users can view real-time updates on the Live Tiles and syncing with Windows 8.X devices.

5.      Gaming experience has been improved via Xbox native app with support on unique titles compatible with Windows Phone, tablet and PC such as "Halo: Spartan Assault." Users can also use Xbox Music and Xbox Video.

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