Windows Phone 8.1 Update Top 21 Official Key Features for Nokia Lumia 1920, 925 and 520

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Windows Phone 8.1 Update

Microsoft offers several changes and improvements on the new Windows Phone 8.1 update. According to the official Web site, users will receive the advantage of using a virtual assistant, better keyboard, more Sense apps and maximise camera experience.

1.      Cortana: A virtual assistant powered by Bing to provide queries, useful recommendations, interests and humorous conversations. Cortana also learns on the user's habits in order to provide essential suggestions.

2.      Personalisation: Get real-time posts from the Live Tiles, set a favourite photo as a background and select colour accents as themes.

3.      Camera: Support for Photo Apps such as filters and special effects, and new Burst Mode feature.

4.      Integration: Connected to all compatible smartphones, tablets and PC using Microsoft Services.

5.      Communication: Aside from the messaging app, users can get free services from Skype, BBM, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber and more.

6.      Xbox: Xbox app is now a native app with Xbox Music and Xbox Video support.

7.      Keyboard: Improved keyboard with Word Flow feature for easy typing.

8.      Action Centre: Allocates all notifications from email, messaging and social media in one place.

9.      Sense Apps: Storage Sense, Data Sense and Wi-Fi Sense for better management of storages, mobile data and Wi-Fi hotspots.

10.  Battery Saver: Enable it during low battery level.

Windows Phone 8 Update History

In addition to those changes mentioned above, Microsoft official released the Update History for the OS version 8.10.14141.167 and 8.10.14147.180.

1.      Enable folders on the Start Screen by putting one tile over another.

2.      Messaging supports the combination of multiple text messages with forwarding capability.

3.      Delete multiple calls, messages and contacts using selection command.

4.      Get specific apps usable for Windows Phone devices using the Apps Corner.

5.      New Live Tile for Windows Phone Store to get new apps and games by pinning it on the Start Screen.

6.      New Internet Explorer 11 with improved browsing experience due to less time panning and zooming.

7.      Alarms support customisable snooze time.

8.      Accessory apps support to receive notifications from the phone to smart watches, active phone covers, fitness trackers and more.

9.      Share cellular data connection over Bluetooth to more kinds of devices.

10.  VPN supports L2TP to connect to more VPN services.

11.  Narrator supports touch typing and allows turn off hints for controls and buttons.

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