Windows Phone 8.1 Update Rollout: 20 Nokia Lumia Phones Eligible and 13 New Features to be Added

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A model displays the Lumia 1320 smartphone during its launch in Abu Dhabi
A model displays the Lumia 1320 smartphone during its launch in Abu Dhabi October 22, 2013. Nokia unveiled its first tablet and two large-screen smartphones, known as phablets, at the annual Nokia World event in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday. REUTERS/Ben Job

Windows Phone 8.1 is out and there are several Nokia Lumia devices eligible for the new mobile OS version. Here is the complete list of models from Nokia and features which users will get from Windows Phone 8.1

Nokia Lumia Eligible Devices

Microsoft confirmed that any smartphone running Windows Phone 8 is eligible for the Windows Phone 8.1 update based on their support page. However, the company is still working with several phone manufacturers and network carriers around the globe to deliver the next generation firmware to these devices.

Windows Phone 8.1 update availability depends on the device model, region or territory and mobile network carrier contracted by the user. A notification will prompt to any device once the firmware is ready for a specific model.

For consumers out there, here are the models running Windows Phone 8 which automatically gets the eligibility to Windows Phone 8.1 confirmed by Nokia.

- Lumia 520 and 520T

- Lumia 521

- Lumia 525

- Lumia 526

- Lumia 620

- Lumia 625

- Lumia 630 and 630 Dual

- Lumia 635

- Lumia 720 and 720T

- Lumia 810

- Lumia 820

- Lumia 822

- Lumia 920 and 920T

- Lumia 925 and 925T

- Lumia 928

- Lumia Icon

- Lumia 930

- Lumia 1020

- Lumia 1320

- Lumia 1520

Other Nokia Lumia devices eligible to Windows Phone 8 may also get the chance to obtain Windows Phone 8.1 if permitted by Microsoft and Nokia.

Windows Phone 8.1 Features

Once the device has been upgraded to Windows Phone 8.1, several apps and system services will receive changes from user interface to functionality. Here are the most notable features on Windows Phone 8.1

1. Cortana - a smartphone virtual assistant using Bing to update users of what stuffs are interesting online. Users can also use Cortana to inquire, set schedules and get useful recommendations.

2. Personalisation - new personalisation options are available from Live Tiles, themes, colour schemes, status, notifications, Web sites, album arts and many more.

3. New Background - a user can use a favourite photo to become the background on certain Tiles.

4. Accent Colours - a part of personalisation options which allows users to rearrange the Live Tiles, adjust size and modify accent colours.

5. New Camera - additional support for the Camera app such as photo apps, Burst Mode and new organising method on the Gallery app.

6. Across Devices - the device gets connected among different Windows devices such as tablets and computers. Users can utilise OneDrive, MS Office and Skype across all compatible devices.

7. Xbox - a newly updated device to Windows Phone 8.1 receives Xbox as a built-in app. It is connected to the gaming achievements, friends and multiplayer action across all devices such as PC and the console itself.

8. Xbox Add-ons - in addition to games, Xbox on Windows Phone 8.1 supports Xbox Music and Xbox Video for favourite playlist and movies on the go.

9. New Keyboard - a new keyboard will be added which features Word Flow gesture to complete words via gliding.

10. Action Centre - view all notifications from email, SMS and social media updates thru one swipe.

11. Battery Saver - native power saving application to extend battery life.

12. Storage Sense - monitors storage capacity with easy transfer of apps from the internal storage to the microSD card.

13. Data Sense - monitors the data usage and conservation methods of the data plan by using free Wi-Fi hotspots.

Lumia Cyan update with Windows Phone 8.1 consists of two parts and the first one will check for the second half after installation. It is recommended to spare about 1.5 GB of internal storage to ensure smooth update process. 

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