Windows Phone 8.1: New Features and Support for Large Screens, Higher Resolution, Smart Covers and UI Tweaks

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The Windows Phone 8.1 additional features have been unveiled and it includes support for Smart Covers, custom lock screens, bigger screen resolutions and compatibility with devices having limited internal storage.

Windows Phone 8.1 New Supports

Windows Phone 8.1 is not only limited to Nokia Lumia smartphones according to sources as the maker plans to engage the new OS among devices with larger screen sizes and resolution. In addition, Windows Phone 8.1 will also support Smart Covers, custom lock screens, voice over LTE and folders on the Start Screen.

PCWorld claims that Windows Phone 8.1 users and developers alike can now get the support needed for essential functionalities and accessories on Nokia Lumia and other devices running the new OS.

1.      Smart Cover support for accessories to allow users to peak on emails and notifications similar with Android smartphones.

2.      On-screen button support allows makers to swap OS without changing related hardware components.

3.      Support for larger screen sizes of up to seven inches. Display resolution of up to 1280 by 768 is also supported.

4.      Update 1 may include voice over LTE support, customised lock screen from makers and folders on the Start Screen.

5.      Extended support on tablets and phablets.

PCMag on the other hand, reported that Windows Phone 8.1 new compression size makes it compatible with several Window Phone OS running device having limited amount of internal storage capacity such as 4 GB.

Developers are now digging essential parts of the Windows Phone 8.1 SDK after Microsoft released it. Based on reports from Extreme Tech, developers will be able to utilise several features for apps and services for customers:

-          Inclusion of universal apps as merging to Microsoft products.

-          Apps made from the new SDK can now support larger screen devices running Windows 8, Windows RT and Windows Phone.

-          Library shared by these apps on the new SDK are using HTML and JavaScript.

-          Format called ".appx" allows Windows Phone apps to benefit from suspended mode during multitasking.

-          Suspended apps in multitasking mode can be swiped away manually to be closed.

-          Tweaks on on-screen buttons, notifications bar, monitoring scheme for battery and storage, and VPN.

Current Windows Phone 8.1 Features

As of now, here are the following features provided by Windows Phone 8.1 among Nokia Lumia smartphones being pushed on selected models worldwide.

1.      Virtual assistance called Cortana

2.      Various customisation from Start Screen to themes

3.      Updates on the Camera app with new Photo Apps support

4.      Integration across different devices running Windows 8.X and Windows Phone 8.1

5.      Free access to Microsoft exclusive services such as OneDrive, MS Office, Skype and Bing.

6.      Xbox built-in app with Xbox Music and Xbox Video

7.      Updated virtual keyboard with Word Flow

8.      New Action Centre

9.      Native battery saver support

10.  Storage Sense, Data Sense and Wi-Fi Sense

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