Windows with Bing – Microsoft’s Trial with Free Windows 8.1

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Windows with Bing, a free trial version of Windows 8.1 is now being tested by Microsoft. It is bundled with the Bing search engine.

Conceived from the search engine, "Windows with Bing" is similar to the typical Windows plus built-in search which ZDNet thinks to be something like a sideways move because the SmartSearch of Bing is already part of Windows 8.1. ZDNet added that this trial version is Redmond firm's monetization play.

The tech site mentioned few differences between this new free version and Windows 8.1, saying that this can be a placeholder when consumer OS will become free in the future.

There is no comment from the Microsoft camp regarding these reports. It is not clear if this move will mean free software or a free update for new Windows users or existing users respectively.

The final Windows 8.1 version will be available in October. It is expected to revive some missed functions from Windows 8, as well as adding Microsoft's goal of advancing highly mobile, always connected and touch-enabled computing.

Microsoft said that Windows delivers the most personal computing experience and makes your device your distinct extension - providing you ways to create personal and expressive experience while keeping pace with your life.

Just like any new software, users need to get to know the software better in order to maximize its functions. In the case of Windows, long-time followers are still not pleased with the new UI paradigm that are said to be front-and-center in Windows 8.1. Microsoft seems to create a fix which was leaked earlier this year. Details of the fix include power and search buttons that are said to be Start screen additions. User Interface (UI) mouse and keyboard functions are also having their respective boosts.

Recently retired CEO Steve Ballmer said that the company does not abandon the Start menu, and that it slowly begins to attract application developers to Microsoft's Windows 8. The Start button, which allows booting straight from the desktop will be back, as heard from media reports.

Corporate Vice-President of Microsoft Joe Belfiore said that updates will be announced on April 2 as he informed an audience during the recently-concluded Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona, Spain. April 2 is the company's Build Conference.

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