Windows 9 Reported To Be Huge With Build Update, Cortana And September 30 Release Date

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Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer speaks at the launch event of Windows 8 operating system in New York, in this file picture taken October 25, 2012. Ballmer, the former head of Microsoft, has completed his $2 billion purchase of the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team, ending a saga that began when former team owner Donald Sterling was heard making racist remarks to his girlfriend on a tape recording. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

Microsoft's Windows 9, then called Threshold, is potentially the most anticipated software update, not only because of its new additions, but also because it may be coming as early as Sept. 30 for those who want to experience the beta run.

The preview version, according to The Verge, may be revealed in a press event and will showcase the new changes, including the mini Start Menu, UI changes, and perhaps an early version of Cortana.

The source adds that, aside from the general overview of the new features, there may also be a technical preview that's tailored for developers and enthusiasts.

Build Updates to Become Faster with Windows 9?

Spotting bugs may be easier and faster when it comes to testing the Windows 9 and its succeeding updates.

Neowin reports that release cycles for Windows 9 will be a lot faster as user can now allegedly update the build with a single click. This means that those who are raring to test future builds will easily be updated and allow bug spotting to become even faster. This is due to the fact that upgrading does not mean reinstalling the OS but rather an easier update, also making it faster in the process.

The source does add that the feature is currently included in the internal Technical Preview, but that's not a guarantee that it would be released to the public for testing as of yet.

Cortana Coming to Laptops and Other Smart Devices

Windows 9 is also reportedly bringing in a feature that could put the OS at par with Apple's iOS--its very own personal assistant by way of Cortana.

Based on the Halo character, Cortana will supposedly be ready once the next software update hits Microsoft devices. More than this, Cortana is also reported to already be in that stage that's ready for debut on the OS rather than as a beta run for the software, according to Business Insider.

The source adds that Cortana may become an app in Windows 9 instead of getting the entire screen to make it a more convenient addition. The advantage here of Cortana over the previous digital assistant for Windows 8.1 is that Cortana is created to become as "human as possible," so users can interact with it in the same way you would in any human conversation.

Windows 9 Start Menu with Leaks (Credit: YouTube/Androidizen)

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