Windows 9 Release Date, Features & Price: What to Expect While Microsoft Indicates DirectX 12 Launch

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According to fresh updates, the Windows 9 release date has just been announced on an unofficial level.

PC Advisor suggests that they "know" when Windows 9 is going to be released. Additionally, they also claim to know its features as well as price. Their claim regarding the release date is apparently based upon "credible rumours" and their communications with Microsoft. As far as the price and the features are concerned, those are based on their speculations.

Release Date

There are strong indications that Windows 9 will be launched in spring 2015. However, there are possibilities that it may even get released a little earlier during the Christmas 2014. There can be a shift in the release date from April 2015 to Christmas 2014, but a single beta version may get released in summer 2014. A Release Candidate version from Microsoft is expected to come by the end of August.


Windows 9 is expected to come in 64-bit version only. Users can also expect laptops to be enabled with Kinect-based 3D gestures with 3D cameras. The conventional Start menu is expected to return after a disastrous effort in Windows 8. Windows 9 seems to come up with greater power management facilities as well.


It is speculated that Windows 9 may cost nothing at all. According to the "educated guess" by PC Advisor, Windows 9 is expected to be extremely cheap, if not free. While the latest Apple version of OS X comes complementary, there is a huge possibility that Windows 9 may follow the trend and release it for free. This is more so as other products of Microsoft are already selling big.

DirectX 12

Microsoft has been heard discussing about DirectX 12 at the Game Developers Conference. According to the company, users may expect it to show up by the end of 2015. This means that users still have to for about one year and a half, but one suggests that it is worth the wait. Once Windows 9 is bundled up with DirectX 12, there will be a blast as the graphical performance is going to be stunning.

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