Windows 9 Notable Features To Be Presented On September 30 Via Technical Preview

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Sources claim that Windows 9 is expected to be launched on September 30 under the name "Threshold" with several key features included on its upcoming technical preview for developers and enthusiasts.

Windows 9 Key Features

Reports from the Verge revealed an upcoming event on September 30 to present the new Windows 9 OS also known as "Threshold." The alleged upcoming event will present the technical preview of Windows 9 including its key features for developers and enthusiasts.

Some of the early details reported include the first look of the OS user interface having the new mini Start Menu, removal of the Charms bar found on Windows 8 version and early version of the virtual assistant on Windows Phone 8.1 called Cortana. However, it is uncertain if Cortana will become available on the technical preview.

September 30 is the alleged date for the technical preview among developers and enthusiasts but the availability of the operating system for consumers will likely become official around the spring of 2015.

Windows 9 Objectives and Subscription Model

ZDNet revealed interesting Windows 9 details such as objectives on why it should be released early and subscription model for customers worldwide. Based on a short-term lens, Windows 9 main purpose and updates are critical for users facing the evolution of cloud services and storages.

1.      Windows 9 talks will lead the topic away from older OS versions and Windows 8.

2.      Refinement of Windows OS for touch and non-touch users and devices.

3.      Improvements to the OS platform and productivity of its services.

4.      Speed up development, planning and groundwork for Cloud apps, services and storage.

In addition to the short-term lens description of Windows 9, possible options for subscription model that tell users on how to get new updates faster and quicker have been revealed as well. Such arrangements can lead to yearly subscription of new Windows releases, easier and faster ways to get the latest updates just like with browsers and longer software support on various hardware components.

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