Windows 9 To Include Interactive Live Tiles and Notification Center in Metro 2.0

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The Windows 8 home screen is shown in this publicity photo
The Windows 8 home screen is shown in this publicity photo released to Reuters September 13, 2011. REUTERS/Microsoft/Handout Reuters

Microsoft introduced the interactive Live Tiles earlier this year. This will allow users to engage with the items inside the tiles without the need to actually opening the app. It could also get bigger for about three times of the current "wide" view. It is supposedly made to be a part of Windows 8 but it may have been pushed to Windows 9. according to Winbeta, not all apps support this feature but it expects the main apps to have this feature.

The next feature in Metro 2.0 is the notification center, according to the report it is still not clear on how this feature will work but it is known to be worked on and it is assumed to work like what is seen by users on Windows Phone 8.1.

These features are expected on the debut of Windows 9 along with other new features like Cortana, windowed Metro-style apps to float in the desktop, virtual desktops, the new version of Internet explorer, new flat design on the whole OS and a lot more on Sept 30. A big event is expected to be held on the said date. Tech enthusiasts are can expect to see the new Start Menu that is in part looks like the old one in Windows 7 mixed with what can be seen on Windows 8.1 Start screen and the search box is expected to be placed at the bottom-right corner. A list of recent along with the pinned apps are placed on the right side where a mini Start screen with live tiles can also be seen on it. The Charms bar is no longer expected to come with the Windows 9 but the Metro-style Windows 8 apps might be seen on it.

According to Winbeta, live folders might also be included in Windows 9. It is said to be worked on the tablets but it is still unsure if it will also be featured in the new OS. Cortana is reported to have its own live tile on the Start screen and it is expected to come as to what is already seen on Windows Phones.

There are a lot of things that can be expected from Windows 9 which is said to be launched on Sept 30.

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