Willie Garson: 'White Collar' Actor Tweets About Cast Still Waiting on USA Network's Decision For Season 6

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"White Collar" fans are not the only ones waiting for a confirmation on the return of the TV series for a brand new Season 6. Actor Willie Garson, who portrays Mozzie in the series, shared to his followers on Twitter that the cast members are also waiting for the network's decision.

The 50-year-old actor stressed on his Twitter account @WillieGarson that the "White Collar" stars had nothing to do with the "waiting game" for the TV series to be renewed like other commitments. Mr Garson's posts on Twitter read:

According to the Carter Matt report, the USA Network remains tight-lipped on the future of "White Collar" with the issue on "cost vs. rating" as one of the big reasons on the new season renewal delay. The report noted that "White Collar" is not a cheap show to make with New York as the TV series' main location.

"And there are also differing opinions from a creative and business standpoint about what a season 6 could look like. It could be a 13-episode installment, six episodes to tie up the series, or something else entirely," the report further added. In the Deadline report, the "prolonged negotiations" on "White Collar" caused the TV series to lose the writing staff and numerous crew members.

For instance, series creator Jeff Eastin currently works on the other USA drama "Graceland" set for a return with the second season. Additionally, the future of "White Collar" started to become unclear after the airing schedule got moved from summer to fall and the number of episodes in Season 5 got reduced to 13 instead of 16.

If "White Collar" does not get renewed for Season 6, the fans will be left hanging in the air with the abduction of Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) without the closure on who took the FBI White Collar Crime Division criminal consultant and why.

The report further noted that "White Collar" would be in pre-production about this moment to prepare filming production that is set to begin in March. Nellie Andreeva of Deadline claims the future of the buddy crime drama series is still unknown but there have already been some talks between the USA Network and the "White Collar" producer Fox TV Studios.

"Given the way Season 5 ended - with a cliffhanger involving the abduction of Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) - it is safe to assume that there will be some sort of continuation, likely a conclusion for the series," the Deadline report reads.

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