William Shatner On Why He Live-Tweets ‘Supernatural’ & Other Sci-Fi Shows

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“Star Trek” ultimate star William Shatner has an undeniable presence on Twitter. He is known as a recent live-tweeter of “Supernatural” and, as of a few weeks ago, other The CW shows. He isn’t on the network’s payroll; he’s doing it just for the heck of it.

Everyone who is in the “Supernatural” fandom knows that Shatner has a playful non-relationship with the show’s Misha Collins. Their online bantering is both amusing to their fans and baffling to those who aren’t familiar with their quips.

Nevertheless, fans can count on Shatner to offer his fresh and hilarious take on the fantasy show through his tweets.

And the other The CW shows were jealous, so they asked him to live-tweet their shows as well. He has been live-tweeting the shows “The100,” “Star Crossed,” and “The Tomorrow People” since.

How did this all start, though?

Shatner explained via email to the Washington Post how he became the go-to tweeter of such sci-fi series today.

According to him, it all started with his friendship with Collins, who has directed an episode of “Supernatural” for the first time. Shatner live-tweeted Collins’ directorial debut episode titled “Mother’s Little Helper” when it aired in March.

“Being the ‘older’ actor guy on Twitter, I’m always up for encouraging new actors and starting conversations,” he told the paper. “I jokingly ‘threatened’ to live tweet along with him and he accepted. Thus, my career as a live tweeter was born.”

Then “The Tomorrow People” stars wanted Shatner’s tweeting expertise as well. They contacted the 83-year-old actor to ask if he would like to live-tweet their show.

“Being the ham that I am I agreed. BUT, this time I had a price,” he wrote.

The price was anything that the cast members have signed and donated for Shatner’s upcoming charity event, the Priceline.com Hollywood Charity Horse Show silent auction. Signed items from celebrities are apparently big sellers in auctions, and Shatner wants them to raise funds.

With small price to pay for such big endorsement from Shatner, the cast members agreed. He also watched the show’s lead-in, “Star-Crossed,” to live-tweet both shows

Shatner’s tweeting efforts have made a huge impact to the ratings of The CW shows. The New York Post credited the veteran actor for the increased viewership of both “The Tomorrow People” and “Star-Crossed.”

Soon, “The 100” also asked for his help, which, “of course I agreed (one can’t show favouritism.)”

Fans of other The CW shows like “Beauty and the Beast” are apparently asking Shatner for his help as well, and it appears that he is willing to do that.

He said that he’s happy to help the U.S. network because it “seems to be the last bastion of Science Fiction shows on broadcast television so I am obviously very interested in ensuring the genre on TV stays alive.”

He added, “If you’re a network exec and in the market for a Live Tweeter – Call me! ;-)”

Here are some of Shatner’s tweets:

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