Will Smith: An 'Independence Day' Sequel?

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Screenshot from 1996 film Independence day



There's talk circulating in the industry that they'll be making a sequel to the 1996 alien brain-crushing "Independence Day." Well, the rumors are true. They are going to be making, not one but two installments of the film. But don't get too excited there, E.T. fans, for they're not shooting them anytime soon.


Poster for the 1996 alien blockbuster film Independence Day


Given recent studio obsessions with the 3D technology, there's no doubt that these films are going to be in production and they also might be in 3D. 20th Century Fox is rumoured to develop the film back-to-back, with both films having Will Smith in the lead and original director Roland Emmerich also on board. This might be another recipe for success for the duo, but there's still no talk whether the old cast members are going to be involved though.

We have yet to see if all this talk will materialize into something tangible, and if Smith decides not to join in the sequels then I highly doubt that anyone would want to direct the film. Everyone is expecting Smith to reprise his role as Capt. Steven Hiller, but if he doesn't, maybe Chris Tucker can do the job. 




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