Will iPhone 5C Sales Tumble Down or Improve With Apple Advertising Cheap Phone in Tumblr? (VIDEOS)

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Apple has tapped social media sites to push its unpopular iPhone 5C. Tumblr recently rolled out a blog called isee5c that features five 15-second video clips advertising the different colours of the Apple device priced at $99.

While Apple has not officially owned the Tumblr page, LA Times noted that the blog's style is that of the Cupertino-based company's marketing design. It also cited tweets on microblogging site Twitter that iPhone 5C owners see the videos on their Tumblr dashboards as sponsored post which implied someone is paying Tumblr for the advertising.

The isee5c blog carries a teaser at the bottom of the page with the words "Coming soon."

LA Times noted that while other tech companies have been actively tapping media to advertise their products, Apple is an exception to the rule. The firm co-founded by Steve Jobs has no Facebook page and there has never been any tweet from its Twitter account @apple, pointed out LA Times.

One possible explanation behind the tapping of Tumblr is its popularity with young people, as opposed to Facebook which is turning off teenager because of the presence of their parents and other adults in the social media site. Young techies with limited budgets would appear to be the target market for the 5C versus the more expensive 5S.

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However, the Web site Apple Insider reported the results of a survey by investment company Pipe Jaffray with 1,000 American consumers that those who plan to buy a iPhone 5C in the next 3 months is down to 9 per cent in December 2013 and further slipped to 6 per cent in February 2014 from 12 per cent during the mobile device's launch.


Analyst Gene Munster pointed to the candy colours of the iPhone 5C as the reason the model is not appealing to Apple consumers. Some place a case over the 5C to hide its "ugly" colours.

The 5C has the same internal components as the iPhone 5, but it has a new bicarbonate back in different colours. Apple CEO Tim Cook insisted that the iPhone 5C sales outpaced the iPhone 4S, its predecessor.

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