Will Facebook Oculus Rift Bring the Fiction of ‘Surrogates’ to Reality?

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Will Facebook Oculus Rift Bring the Fiction of ‘Surrogates’ to Reality?
Software designer Julian Kantor (L), who created "The Recital" takes a picture of Jonathan Feng (R) as he uses the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset to experience his program during E3 in Los Angeles, California June 12, 2013. REUTERS/Gus Ruelas Reuters

Oculus Rift was expected to revolutionize the gaming industry but with Facebook buying the company, the device may have other uses. It may now revolutionize the social experience much like the Bruce Willis movie "Surrogates."

The whole idea of Facebook was to bring the social experience online. The company is ready to take the next big step and further enhance that experience through the virtual reality gear Oculus Rift.

The Oculus Rift was intended to immerse the gamer in the game virtually, allowing the gamer to get a 3D view of the game. The innovation would help gamers get a 360 degrees view while in the game with relative ease without needing to use the controllers for the purpose.

The applications of the device now seem limitless with Facebook taking on the challenge to make reality obsolete and making communication on Facebook indistinguishable from face to face communication. Users may be able to get the experience of going to a friend's house in the virtual world or even visit a virtual mall together without actually needing to step outside the house.

The idea is very similar to the one in the movie "Surrogates" where Bruce Willis and everyone in society choose to use robot substitutes to travel, work and do practically everything while the actual person controlling the robot sits in the comfort of the house.

While Oculus Rift from Facebook may not come with a robot yet, the idea of virtual reality taking over reality seems like an idea from science fiction. Some of the more useful applications of the device include virtual 3D classrooms, which can become a reality in the near future. The student will get the feel of being in a real classroom surrounded by his fellow students in such a setting.

There are some concerns about Oculus Rift and other similar virtual reality head gears. One of them is that the effects it may have on the eyes. It remains to be seen how long a person can use the device in a day without harming their eyes.

Technology enthusiasts are eager to see how Facebook will go about selling the Oculus Rift to its global users. The pricing of the device may be a key factor for it to be a success. Most of the company's revenues today come from banner ads. A careful balance between revenues from hardware like Oculus Rift and advertisements may be in the future for the company.

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