Will Australia Continue to Be the Most Unfriendly Country to the Environment?

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A helicopter dumps water on a bushfire burning in the Grampians bushland in the southeastern Australian state of Victoria
A helicopter dumps water on a bushfire burning in the Grampians bushland in the southeastern Australian state of Victoria, about 300 km (186 miles) west of Melbourne, January 17, 2014. REUTERS/Country Fire Authority (CFA) REUTERS/Country Fire Authority

Australians would not be too proud to hear that the land Down Under is considered the most unfriendly country to the environment around the globe. QT.com.au wrote that it all started with the story on The Independent which posed a query whether the current Aussie administration led by Tony Abbott is not so kind to Mother Earth.

According to the reporter of the article, Kathy Marks, the main evidence for such an allegation is when the government took out the three primary agencies that are driven to address environment-related issues. Since the time the article was published, it has attracted a lot comments related to the approach the Australian government has been implementing for the environment's current state.

The Environmental Issues Australia is Facing

The widely known reef that is considered the world's greatest is at high risk in Queensland. This is because the country can ship more coal supplies to other countries like India and China and yet trigger greenhouse industries that are sure to emit gas.

Then in Tasmania, if the federal government gets the UN committee to agree in taking out the World Heritage brand, then the region's wide rainforest areas will surely be logged.

In the western part of Australia, an exemption was given to the state government from laws that protect the great white sharks. Hence, the process of culling is permitted even if several marine scientists disagree to it. They even warned that the predators are also important to the overall ecosystem of the ocean.

Such cull has triggered various mass protests at a national level. The process was given permission as a way to put a halt to the recorded fatal shark attacks in the waters of Western Australia for the last three years.

Along with all these, the Great Barrier Reef has also been troubled with numerous threats, including the approval of the expansion of a coal terminal located nearby. It will dump its tonnes of waste to the waters of the popular reef.

It is about time that the government should stop caring less for this brand of being an environment-unfriendly country that can surely bring on worldwide shame. Instead, it can help if the Australian government will realise how much such an embarrassing image can also bring an adverse impact on the country's tourism.

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