Wikipedia Launches Travel Web Site:

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The popular online information Web site Wikipedia just opened a site for travelers. The interface and link locations of the Web site are similar to Wikipedia, therefore, there is no need among visitors for any adjustment when browsing the site.

Currently, Wikivoyage has more than 50,000 articles online and can be viewed in nine languages. The travel portal contains sections such as Traveler's Pub, Destination of the month, Off the beaten path, featured travel topic, discover, and getting involved.

The Traveler's Pub is the section where someone can ask question when they are lost, confused, afraid, tired, or just plainly seeks assistance.

Destination of the month showcases articles for a major travel destination selected monthly by Wikivoyage's users.

If someone wants the lesser-known or unusual travel destination spots, Off the beaten path is section they should check out.

For high-quality articles about travel topics, the Featured travel topics have the best selection in the Web site.

Trivial information can be browsed in the Discover section about strange places with facts about that destination.

Wikivoyage also include basic guide for continents including Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania, North America and South America. The page describes everything travelers would want to know where they are going. Information such as local cities and regions, how to get in and go around, what's to learn, buy, eat, drink, sleep, staying safe, staying healthy and contacts.

In case of planning beyond the original itinerary, Wikivoyage has a guide for that as well. The Itineraries page guides travelers about what they should prepare for moving from one city to another. The guide includes details about the travel time, currency, type of transportation, and experience.

Although it is just a new travel guide Web site, Wikivoyage welcomes anyone to make an article of their experiences and information about the destination they have traveled across the globe and post it on the site.

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