‘Wicked’ and ‘Spring Awakening’ Will Have Movie Adaptations: Read More About it Here

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The popular and well known Broadway musicals are making it to the big screen. Everyone's favorite musical which defied gravity, "Wicked" and "Spring Awakening," have won multiple Tony Awards in 2000. Many have been waiting for these Broadway musicals to have their own movie adaptations and it seems like this is exactly what is about to take happen with these Broadway favorites.

"Vulture" was able to get an interview with composer, Stephen Schwartz, who is the composer for "Wicked." Schwartz was at the Idina Menzel's opening night of "IF/Then." The composer mentioned that "Wizard of OZ," has started and the origin story will be soon ready for Broadway lovers to watch.

The composer had also said:

"What are we going to change? What are we going to keep? How do you use a whole new language and medium to tell the story? We can] really look at it again and say, 'Oh, we can do this, and we've always wanted to do that and we couldn't onstage, but we can in a movie.' We're actually having a blast."

The coming of age movie, "Spring Awakening" is moving even faster than "Wicked." Composer Duncan Sheik had mentioned that he is working with Steven Sater and the movie adaptation is already in the works and will begin filming within the year.

Sheik had also mentioned that he and Steven had written a new song for the movie adaptation of "Spring Awakening," saying:

"The real truth always is that it's the only way you're eligible for an Academy Award, is to have a new song," he said. "[So] we've written the song. I can't wait to do it -- I hope I get to do it, to record it."

As for whether the original cast will appear in this year's beginning of filming for "Spring Awakening?" They aren't sure yet and this goes for "Wicked," as well. What fans and Broadway lovers may expect that these movies will be phenomenal and that everyone would be able to enjoy them even those who don't really like Broadway musicals, but really who doesn't love Broadway? 

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