Why Would Floyd Mayweather Even Consider Fighting My Leftovers, Says Amir Khan; Maidana Fed Up With the Poll and Challenges Khan Instead

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Amir Khan isn't really happy at all after Floyd Mayweather launched a poll for his forthcoming fight on May 3.

Mayweather is reportedly hesitating to fight Khan because of all the negative hype that fans are saying which led him to starting a poll and letting the fans decide if he should fight Khan or Marcos Maidana.

"@FloydMayweather says he's picking either me or Maidana," Khan tweeted. "Why would you even consider my left overs," he wrote.

Maidana, initially, went on a lead ahead of the Britain fighter. However, the current results of Mayweather's next fight poll show that Khan has now taken over.

More than 20,000 fans all over the world have cast their votes so far. Khan has received 10,745 votes while the Argentinean boxer has gotten 10,666 votes. The final tally of Mayweather's next fight poll will be officially revealed after the voting ends on Sunday.

Khan and Maidana faced off on Dec 11, 2010. It was a title bout and Khan's World Boxing Association's (WBA) Light Welterweight Belt was put up for grabs. Khan successfully defended his belt after the judges' scored the fight in favour of him.

Watch Khan and Maidana fight highlights below:

Video courtesy: YouTube/HBO Sports

So who between the two do you think can give Mayweather a tough fight? Khan's speed was pretty noticeable during the first round. He had dominated Maidana and even knocked him down on the first round. However, Maidana proved that he can also wage a good fight as he recovered and led the bout until the last round. Maidana even sent Khan quivering a bit on his feet as he wrathfully beat him during the tenth round.

Khan said in his recent Facebook post that Maidana has slow hands and slow feet. "Only thing he (Maidana) brings to the table is power," Khan wrote.

"We seen how Mayweather deals with power eg Canelo."

"Floyd did say he needs fans want to see knocking someone out because his fights are boring."

"So no wonder he's now wanting to fight Maidana," wrote the British fighter.

Khan said that he has been training so hard in the gym for the past six months. He went on and revealed that he had gotten much stronger now.

"At 147, you will see a different stronger Amir Khan," he said.

Maidana, on the other hand, seems to be playing it cool. He had been retweeting all the frustrations that Khan had been posting on social media to his Twitter and Facebook accounts.

"Someone is getting nervous," Maidana wrote on Facebook, sharing Khan's recent status post. Maidana even challenged Khan to face him instead to determine who, among them is the leftover.

"Forget about the stupid poll and Mayweather," he said.

"Got tired of @AmirKingKhan, Maidana vs Khan May 3rd or whenever, that's the fight."

"We need to fight for the pride, not to determine anyone else's opponent."

Maidana does have a point there, but shouldn't the resounding opinions of boxing fans be considered, too? After all, they are the ones who buy their fights.

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