Why Upgrade From PS3 To PS4 With PlayStation Now Coming?

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PlayStation 4
Visitors take pictures of Sony Corp's PlayStation 4 new game console at the Tokyo Game Show in Chiba, east of Tokyo, in this September 19, 2013 file photo. Reuters

The cloud may be a future of gaming and users may be spared from the trouble of having to purchase expensive hardware to upgrade them in a few years. Sony recently launched the new PlayStation Now service allowing users to play PS3 and PS4 games on TV.

Games of the original PlayStation, PS2, PS3 and the latest PS4 can be streamed to several different devices like Sony Bravia TV, tablets, consoles and PlayStation Vita. The announcement was made in the ongoing CES 2014 event held in Las Vegas.

The cloud gaming technology runs the game on a remote server and streams the game to the user's device. What the users need to play the game is a stable Internet connection with little latency to ensure no lag during gameplay.

The game can be played across platforms like PS3, PS4 and most of 2014 Sony Bravia TVs. A user can save a game on a PlayStation device. Since the game is saved in the cloud, it can be continued in any other device like a TV.

The new service was made possible by Gaikai, a cloud gaming technology, which Sony purchased in 2012. The technology was not expected by analysts to make its debut so soon, but the closed beta of the service will be launched in U.S by end of January 2014. The service is expected to be available later in the year.

The PlayStation Now service could be a game changer in the gaming industry if users prefer to play the games on their smartphones, tablets and TVs. This could have an impact on the sales of gaming consoles like PS4.

Will users need to purchase a PlayStation in the future? The online streaming of games comes with a variety of options for users. Users will be able to rent games and play games for a subscription without the hassle of going to a retail store to buy the game.

There are two issues that avid gamers are concerned about. First is the lag that they may experience even with a good Internet connection as the game is running on the Cloud. Secondl is the price of the PlayStation Now service.

One of the main concerns of many players today is the availability of games for cross platform multiplayer online play. PlayStation Now could make it simpler and easier prompting more gamers to get online.

If Sony can successfully address the concerns of gamers then 2014 could turn out to be very exciting. Availability of PS2, PS3 and PS4 titles from a cloud server could be a huge boost for users who are reluctant to part with their previous generation consoles due to lack of adequate content available in the new consoles.

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