Why Samsung’s Mocking Video Will Make Fans Hesitate to buy iPhone 5 [VIDEO]

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Did Samsung's new videos insulting iPhone 5 made some fans to hesitate in waiting in line for the new Apple's smartphone?

For years, tech giant Apple bullied its rivals through ads and lawsuits. It seems that Samsung had enough and retorted with its latest commercial.

But now Samsung has decided to take a stand, and a big one at that. They released an ad over the weekend with the headline "It doesn't take a genius" that aimed to show why the Samsung Galaxy S3 was better than the iPhone 5.

The ads caused some degree of controversy as Apple fans took to the internet to voice their anger and displeasure. However, this does not stopped Samsung from releasing another blow to the Apple's flagship phone.

Samsung took an aggressive route and this time it is aimed at Apple and its fans. In Samsung's new video, Samsung showed shots of the long lines forming around the country in anticipation of the new iPhone 5.

The fans are finally talking about how "the headphone jack is going to be on the bottom" and that it will be called a "precious jewel." Then one fan says that the connector is going to be "all-digital" but to emphasize how confusing Apple's jargon has become the fan adds "What does that even mean?"

However, the tone suddenly changes when one customer in the California line says that there "should be a priority line for those of us who have waited five years." Samsung mocks Apple when it claimed that the new iPhone 5 is the Next Big Thing since the iPhone that was released five years ago.

Samsung seems to be questioning Apple on why they took so long to increase the screen size and alter the phone more radically while others were already doing it for years.

Then another one comments on using an adapter for the new dock and then another fan persuades that "they make the coolest adaptors right?" But another fan is quite unsure.

Samsung started to show the amazing features of its own Galaxy S3. One fan goes on the line and the others welcome him back. Then they ask if the Galaxy S3 did not work out so well, but the person retorts that he loves his Galaxy S3, he is just holding a spot for someone.

Another jab to Apple is when an S3 owner was saving a spot for his elderly parents as if implying that the smartphone is already outdated.

A geeky looking guy defends the iPhone while a more hip guy talks about how the Samsung has a bigger screen and has had 4G for a while.

The ad finally asks: Why are you wasting your time waiting for something you could already have? And that is a question that does not work in Apple's favor.

Watch the YouTube video of the latest commercial of Samsung Galaxy S3 mocking the new iPhone 5.

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