Why Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Should be Together in Australia on Valentine's Day [NEW PHOTOS]

Here are the Reasons Why Kristen Stewart will Surprise Robert Pattinson in Australia on Valentine's Day


No song by Ellie Goulding or any other artist for that matter can bridge the "physical gap" separating Twilight lovers Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. On this day for the hearts, it is but fitting that the Twilight lovers should spend quality time and romantic moments together on Valentine's Day.

The celebrity couple who have been at the center of the continuously evolving rumors are in two different worlds and only love is connecting the two. Robert Pattinson is busy filming "The Rover" at the Australian outback in Adelaide. Kristen Stewart has been getting projects recently and could be spending time reviewing film projects and reading scripts. She has been cast as Delphi in "The Big Shoe" and is reportedly being eyed as Anastasia Steele for "Fifty Shades of Grey."

But with distance and work getting in the way for the celebrity couple, millions of Tween fans want them to be together on Valentine's Day.

And since Kristen is in between projects and still on pre-production stages while Robert is in Australia one-month in with the drama film, "The Rover," the "On The Road" actress is reportedly flying Down Under to be with her English hunk boyfriend.

"Kristen is planning to travel to Australia to see Robert, she's missing him incredibly. She thinks his interest in their reconciliation is waning the longer they're apart - so Kristen's trying to save what they have left," the news.com.au said quoting a source who talked to Radar Online.

There are a number of reasons Kristen should jet to Oz and spend the Valentine's Day with Robert.

To assure Robert that he is "the one" Earlier reports noted that Kristen could be reaching out to former fling, Rupert Sanders, the director of "Snow White and the Huntsman." This resulted in more reports underscoring that R-Patz is furious at K-Stew for 'allegedly" getting in touch with him.

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To save the Twilight love. Millions of fans still believe that there could be no one for Robert other than Kristen and K-Stew belongs to no man but R-Patz.

The love between Kristen and Robert began shortly after they met at the set of the Twilight series. Barely a year after they auditioned for the set, the two had been constantly spotted getting cozy without admitting they were already into each other.

Kristen finally admitted in 2012 the Robert is her man and she loves no one but him. The actress needs to show him that things are the same after years of being together. Reiterating her love to Rob will mean to her as much as how it will mean to the Twilight lovers' millions of tween fans.

To keep the love alive. Robert and Kristen is separated by time and space, literally. Kristen remains holed up in their L.A. home while Robert is getting his hands dirty filming at the Western desert in Australia.

Kristen had earlier been reported feeling down and neglected since she and Robert have barely spoken to each other when the actor flew to Australia to film "The Rover."

With 18-hour difference and an 8,000-mile separating them, it would be best that one of them board on a plane to spend Valentine's Day together, literally.

The two are reportedly trying to make up lost time through regular phone calls and "Skype dates," but there could be no better than one of them flying in to keep the love alive.

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To prove everyone wrong Friends and family have openly expressed skepticism for the love they have especially after the infamous cheating scandal involving Kristen - - when she mistakenly hooked up with "Huntsman" director, Rupert Sanders.

Not everyone was on the same page with Robert when he decided to welcome Kristen with open arms and forgive her for the "momentary indiscretion." He loves her. Let's leave it at that.

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To make "all of us" fall in love like you do We have seen how Robert looks at Kristen. There's no denying that she means a world to him judging by the looks he has been giving her . We see the look everywhere: from the red carpet to Comic Con fora; from premiere nights to regular guestings at various shows promoting the Franchise series.

We witnessed how Robert would often try to reach out to Kristen when they appear on television or even at the red carpet together promoting the film - - the touch of his hands on her shoulders and her body as if telling everyone she is his and no one else's, the way he touched her legs with his letting her know he is just beside her - - and only her knows (and of course, this writer as seen on different videos).

Kristen saw this love and she knows no one can love her like Robert does. Her millions of Tween fans know. We know. And we all want to fall in love like you.

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