Why iWatch is Seen as 'Game Changer Product'?

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iWatch's much awaited launch--Apple's smartwatch will happen late this year, according to a Business Insider report by Jay Yarrow.

Matt Agan of PC Advisor UK reported additional details about the speculation in the market on the launch date and some aspects of its market potential.

The report said ever since Apple CEO Tim Cook made a public comment at a conference that the wrist is interesting, rumors about the launch of iWatch became intense. The name of the Apple's wearable device will be iWatch because Apple owns that name in several countries.

Also, Apple has an existing patent on wearable computer with flexible display that can be used as a smartwatch.

Market Excitement

iWatch's release is exciting for the market as Apple always enjoyed sensational successes with all its new products, including iPod, iPhone and iPad. In each case, Apple had addressed an established need and niche market. Also, the fierce focus of Apple to offer better products stood in good stead for its success.

Wearable Devices Market

PC Mag report cited skepticism that unlike iPad or iPhone, wearable tech is already a growing market with many active players. With the wearable tech market already flooded with smartwatches from Samsung, Sony and Pebble, how the market will respond to iWatch is a bit difficult to predict. The huge sales volumes achieved by IPad, IPod or iPhone may not be easy as far as iWatch is concerned.

Game-changing Product

KGI Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo confirmed the industry rumors that iWatch is being seen Apple's most important product. The market buzz only revealed Apple still has the ability to make game-changing products.

Christmas Shopping Season

It is logical to expect the iWatch launch may coincide with iPhone 6 release expected in September or October. In all probability, iWatch may come out that time coinciding with Thanksgiving and Christmas shopping seasons. It is also expected the launch of the iWatch will also coincide with updates for new iPads and iPhones and MacBook lines.

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