Why Galaxy Phones are Much Simpler and Better than iPhones [Videos]

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A new study compared the ease of use and the overall brand simplicity of the Galaxy line of phones against Apple's iPhone. The result gave Galaxy devices a favorable point for user-friendly factor and versatility compared to iPhones.

Siegel+Gale released the study comparing two distinct lines of devices powered by Android for Galaxy and iOS for iPhone. But the debate of the two operating systems dominating the market is undecided for their comparison is similar to apples and oranges.

Technology Doesn't Have to be Expensive Android OS is flexible and can practically work on almost all kinds of hardware for mobile devices. This factor lead to the massive growth of Android phones in the market with affordable products for mass reach. iPhones are expensive compared to most Android phones, and it is very impractical just to own a smartphone.

Flexibility Not only Galaxy phones are flexible. Actually, all Android devices possess this trait. Any users can customise their devices according to desire, add applications which are normally not possible, and perform multimedia functionality not actually permitted by the device. Developers made rooting kits to all owners to access full administration privileges of their devices and maximise its use.

Simplicity The study focused more on ease of use between Galaxy phones and the iPhone. The iPhone is perceived to be more simpler to operate, but in reality, people use Galaxy phones due to its easy-to-use features. Some features which made the use easier include swiping down to read messages, quick toggles, swiping left or right to ignore notifications or tap to reply.

More functions for Transfer The transfer of files can be done from USB to cloud services, but Galaxy phones offer more connectivity for file transfer. Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth, Near Field Communication, USB, Galaxy Beam and Android Beam are all possible with Galaxy devices.

Samsung Galaxy devices are growing as a significant threat to iPhone for it could do more and can do all of it simpler.

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