Why Do People Hate Flappy Bird?

By @MazumdarTarun on

Hanui-based developer Dong Nguyen's super hard game - Flappy Bird is a rage in the gaming world and is slowly taking over the regular non-gaming world. However, Flappy Bird has been officially removed from the Apple's app store. 29-year-old Dong announced via Twitter that he is taking down the game. People have a love-hate relationship with Flappy Bird because it is a simple yet terrifyingly hard to play.

According to Verge, Flappy Bird reportedly earned $50000 per day through ads. The game is gone. No more official version of Flappy Bird available on Dong's website.

Many have downloaded the game and later deleted it because of the addiction and how maddening it was.

So, let's have a look at why people hate Flappy Bird.

1.   People hate Flappy Bird because it is addictive. Needless to say, Flappy Bird is quite addictive. The victories in the game are nothing but hollow. No narration whatsoever. It doesn't connect with the hearts of the players. In a few years, Flappy Bird will be history and people will forget about this silly game.

2.   People hate Flappy Bird because it is ridiculously difficult. Gamers have compared Flappy Bird to one of the hardest games called Dark Souls, but then again Dark Souls had cool characters and great plots. The only time people feel good about Flappy Bird is when they top their high score.

3.   People hate Flappy Bird because they die before they even start playing: How is that even possible? People died before they could even move the bird. Yes, that is ridiculous.

4.   People hate Flappy Bird because it lacks depth. There is no depth in the game and after several failed attempts user might uninstall the game. The controls are simple and boring. It is not at all a dynamic game.

5.   People hate Flappy Bird because of the "advertisements" that block the view of the pipes. The irritating advertisement pops up blocking the view of the pipes and making the game undesirable.

Now, Flappy Bird is officially off the store, but people can still download via The Pirate Bay

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