Why Did Henry Cavill as Man of Steel Not Wear Superman’s Red Trunks? (VIDEOS & PHOTOS)

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Did the last Superman lost the standard red trunks worn over the superhero's famous blue suit?

Superman fans who have followed the adventures of the Man of Steel in theatres and TV from the time of Christopher Reeves in the late 1970s to Brandon Routh must have notice that the iconic red underwear was no longer on Henry Cavill by the time he donned on the costume of the superhero for the 2013 version of the much-loved movie.

Between Reeves and Routh, two other actors have portrayed Superman. They were Dennis Cain

and Tom Welling.

Those who may have not notice that one missing detail could double check for themselves that the red trunks is no longer there at the DC Comics booth at the ongoing San Diego Comic-Con 2013 where all eight Superman costumes are on display. Also included are a set of street clothes Clark Kent wore when he was not in his famous outfit.

The red underwear goes all the way back to 75 years ago when DC first came up with the character of Superman. But while the basic costume design and the yellow S letter had been pretty much the same, DC has actually been introducing small changes in the design of Superman's costume.

Dan DiDio, co-publisher at DC Entertainment, explained that Superman's comics and movie costume designers work independently of each other, he pointed out that the S-shield is the core of the character of the superhero.

DiDio assured Superman fans that the red trunks was not lost or ripped by Lois Lane, but the superhero had it with him all the time. "He's just wearing them in a different way," he pointed out.

Man of Steel received on Thursday five nominations for the upcoming Teen Choice Awards. These are in the categories Choice Summer Movie: Action, Choice Summer Movie Star: Male, Choice Summer Movie Star: Female (Amy Adams) and Choice Movie: Liplock.

Man of Steel broke box office records, making $125.1 million on its opening weekend. Adams portrayed Clark's love interest, Lois Lane. Other stars in the blockbuster are Russell Crowe, Kevin Costner and Diane Lane.

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