Why is #CutForBieber Trending? Fans Bring Attention to Depression, Self-Inflicted Wounds [VIDEO]

VIDEO: Why is #cutforbieber trending on Twitter?


Justin Bieber fans on Monday night are divided in three camps on Twitter: 1. Those who thought #cutforbieber would help the young pop star, 2. Those who slammed "whoever started" the twisted hashtag, and 3. Those who felt alarmed by what others are posting.

Outside the Bieber fanzone, concerned users remind everyone that there is nothing cute or funny about self-inflicted wounds. Expletives also came aplenty as haters and frustrated observers expressed their reaction to the alarming trending topic. However, it appears the #cutforbieber subject started among internet trolls as a mockery against Bieber fans.

VIDEO: Why is #cutforbieber trending on Twitter? (Warning: Expletives)

The subject is also getting popular on Facebook. What appears to be the first photo posted on the topic was that of a fan who told Bieber to "stop using drugs and we'll stop cutting." The message was accompanied by a photo of what seemed to be bloodied arm wounds and a blade. It is not immediately clear whether this is the exact first troll message that started the trend.

Rumours of Bieber smoking pot and abusing drugs circulated anew after a paparazzo died a tragic death while chasing after his white Ferrari in L.A. Incidentally, his romantic relationship with young star Selena Gomez has been troubled since late last year.

Alarmed by the trending topic, an unknown Twitter user spoke up about depression and self-inflicted cuts.

"I used to cut a lot not because I wanted to but because I couldn't stop myself," says the message that has been re-tweeted several times. The writer claims he suffered from depression. "All of you are cutting yourself because you want to," he says in a graphic text. "I've not self-harmed for weeks and seeing these pictures almost triggered it off," the message continues. The message came in image form, and has been re-tweeted under different usernames.

#CutforBieber on Twitterverse

One young male teen posed a photo of himself holding a knife against his neck, saying, "I took it to a whole new level." Here are some of the tweets posted on the subject:

"This #cutforbieber is getting out of hand. There are people who self harm themselves and this is just making a mockery of those suffering." - @_LostItAll

Its crazy how justin biebers song "Be alright" was dedicated to those who selfharm and you guys make #cutforbieber ridiculous. - @iSpeak_Reality

self harm isnt a joke and stupid people doing this #cutforbieber are pathetic!!! - @LinziAtSix

Parents are advised to provide guidance to their kids with regards to this sensitive trending topic. There is a growing perception among concerned Twitter users that some Justin Bieber fans may be getting out of hand in expressing their support for their idol.

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