Who’s Next in Line for Floyd Mayweather? Maidana Rematch, Pacquiao Mega Fight, Khan’s Dream Fight?

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Fresh from his fight, Floyd Mayweather continuously remains atop the headlines in the boxing rumour mill. Who is in line for Mayweather? Who is the fighter that will have the opportunity to break Mayweather's undefeated record, which is now 46-0 after beating Marcos Maidana on May 3?

Maidana Rematch

FightHype's David Kassell wrote that Mayweather really do not need to look for other fighters for his next fight in September. "Marcos Maidana is at the top of everyone's list after his gutsy, excellent performance."

The boxing columnist thinks that Mayweather "underestimated" Maidana. He said that Maidana and his trainer Robert Garcia were able to deliver an amazing strategy during the fight, despite some instances when the Argentinean boxer failed to counter the punches being thrown at him.

He added that the options for Mayweather's next opponent is truly "limited."

"Mayweather certainly couldn't bank on Amir Khan's track record to assure him a main event slot in September. Manny Pacquiao is out. Danny Garcia is out. Keith Thurman isn't a big enough name yet (although I think he would give Mayweather fits). Shawn Porter must fight Kell Brook next (nor do I think Porter is a big enough name). Who else is there?"

According to Bad Left Hook, Mayweather has no qualms facing Marcos Maidana again in September if the Argentinean boxer feels that the American boxer didn't win the fight. "I don't duck or dodge anyone," said Mayweather. "If Maidana feels he won, in September, he can get it again," he added. The 37-year-old boxer from Grand Rapids even praised Maidana and was gracious to admit that the Argentine boxer really did win a few rounds from their bout.

"Did Maidana win some rounds? Absolutely. I'm not going to cry or complain."

Pacquiao's Mega Fight

Manny Pacquiao's name will always be dragged into Mayweather's upcoming fights unless the mega fight between the two finally takes place. After boxing legend Muhammad Ali expressed his desire of seeing Mayweather "rumble" with Pacquiao in a tweet, it only sparked the never-ending speculations about the always rumoured mega fight with Pacquiao, even though there is really no concrete signs that the fight will happen.

Khan's Dream Fight

Amir Khan has always been very vocal about his dream of fighting Mayweather. Despite the fact that he was snubbed by Mayweather for the May 3 fight, the British boxer hasn't given up and optimistic that he will soon land a fight with "Money May" soon.

Khan said if Mayweather is willing to move next fight date to November, he will definitely take it, Mlive.com reported. He said he can't take a September fight because he still needs to recover. Khan fought and scored a good win against Luis Collazo in Mayweather's undercard.

Who do you think is next for Mayweather?


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