Who is Justin Bieber’s Mystery Girl Chantel Jeffries from Drag Racing Night?—Things to Know about Latest Internet Sensation

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"Believe" singer Justin Bieber was arrested on Jan. 23 2014 for drunk driving and drag racing in Miami. Before he was taken into custody, it is said that the singer star was out partying with friends in a nightclub on Miami Beach called SET. One of his friends who have created quite a stir in the media is a mysterious brunette identified as Chantel Jeffries.

Chantel Jeffries has become an internet sensation ever since teen star Justin Bieber posted a picture of his while driving with Jeffries on Instagram. They were apparently driving a yellow Lamborghini. He captioned the photo: "@chanteljeffries taking me for a ride in the lambo."

The photo which shows Chantel Jeffries on the wheels and Justin Bieber on passenger's seat, disappeared from the star's Instagram account, before his arrest. The photo that was deleted hours after has left everyone wondering who is this mystery brunette partying with him.

According to the latest reports, the mystery brunette who accompanied singer Justin Bieber on his Lamborghini ride on his night of drag racing is actually a model. As reported by E! Online, she is represented by a modeling agency called Wilhelmina. The director of the modeling agency expressed his pleasure in representing Chantel Jeffries in her modeling career, while speaking to E! News. She is often praised for her "professionalism" and gains "positive feedback" for her work, according to director of Wilhelmina Miami, as quoted by E! News.

Chantel Jeffries who is a 21 year-old model is also pursuing studies. She has a nickname CeeJay and she comes from Jacksonville, North Carolina. She has become quite an internet sensation ever since her name emerged with Justin Bieber from his wild night.

Her Instagram account has numerous photos of her, posing in risqué outfits. And she has a huge following of about 500,000 followers on Instagram.  

According to TMZ, she has dated celebrities in the past such as Philadelphia Eagles' DeSean Jackson and P. Diddy's son Justin Combs and Lil Twist.   

Ever since, she was reported accompanying Justin Bieber on the night of his arrest she has become the talk of the town. Various media outlets have reported about her. According to Daily Mail, model Chantel Jeffries, has an elaborate arrest record herself.

Chantel Jeffries has been arrested for speeding at 92mph in a 70mph zone. Her public records show that she had indulged in violent behavior and has assaulted a woman with a deadly weapon. According to the records, she stabbed a woman in the left forearm "during a physical altercation," as reported by Daily Mail.

Chantel Jeffries describes herself on her Twitter account as "student, eyebrow connoisseur, animal lover and deep thinker," which contains a lot of photos of her in lingerie.  

It is not yet confirmed whether model Chantel Jeffries was with "Believe" singer Justin Bieber, at the time of his arrest. Reportedly, the singer star was drag racing against R&B singer Khalil who was also arrested with him in Miami.

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