Who Does It Best: Miley Cyrus Twerking VS Rihanna Dancing on Boat [PHOTOS & VIDEOS]

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Miey explains twerking as a dance with "a lot of booty." All thanks to that, everyone has Miley Cyrus to blame for this one. It's the dance craze that's going mainstream, but what exactly 'twerking' is and how does one 'twerk'? Sound a little uncivilized? Miley put on a unicorn onesie and post a 'twerking' video on Facebook. But two things we do know: The girl can certainly dance, and she can and will spark a trend. The favourable dance routine has since popped up in her other music videos, including for her latest single, We Can't Stop.

Her best friend posted an Instagram of RiRi dancing and posing on a yacht. Just think back to six months ago, when you had no idea what twerking was. How empty and boring life was before Miley Cyrus did us all a favour and twerked in a unicorn onesie.

But step aside Miley Cyrus, and take off that unicorn onesie, because Rihanna's twerking on a boat, and that's loads better. It's not the first time Rihanna's been filmed twerking - she posted a video of herself dancing to a Drake song just after she broke up with Chris Brown. Oooh.

Enter your favourite dance club on a Saturday night and it seems everyone is 'doing the twerk' these days.

"Twerking is popular as a dance style as everyone wants to be fit. It's a lot more fun to dance around and twerk than to run on a treadmill", Chloe Pucher, studio owner of Jazz it up Dance Dynamics in Caringbah tells news.com.au.

"The twerk style is related to hip hop and in today's day and age hip hop is one of the most popular styles of dance around the world," the 21-year-old dance instructor says, adding that everyone loves to follow what the celebrities are doing.

But for those of us who are a tad on the challenged side when it comes to busting a move, perhaps we should just stick to Prancercise?

Have you tried twerking? If not then do it...........and enjoy

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