Who Cares About Harry Styles Drunk PDA With Allison Mosshart: Kendall Jenner Shows A Peace Sign in a Photo With Mysterious Man

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Has Kendall Jenner moved on from Harry Styles? The reality star recently posted a picture of herself sitting behind a mysterious man on a vespa and what is noteworthy was the peace sign she flashed in the photo. It seems Kendall who was reportedly devastated after break-up from Harry Styles is trying to send some kind of message to the One Directioner.

Kendall captioned the picture as,  "Now dad, I know you told me never to get on the back of a motorcycle with someone, but a Vespa's ok right? #oops."

Kendall Jenner was reportedly in shatters after Harry pulled the plug on their relationship citing reasons like long distance and work commitment.

Kendall is absolutely crushed that Harry ended their relationship. She's heartbroken and leaning on her sisters for support," a friend of the Kardashian family told HollywoodLife, adding, "She didn't think she'd fall so hard for him the first place. She wanted to take their relationship to the next level and he basically said he couldn't give her what she wanted and he didn't want to hurt her."

This picture of Kendall comes after; Harry Styles was caught in a PDA with "The Kills" star Allison Mosshart. Harry was seen with Allison at The Box in London Soho and the sources suggest that Harry and Allison were all over each other and there was lot of hugging and kissing.

Reportedly, Kendall Jenner was head over heels for Harry Styles and she did not see their relationship coming to end so soon. On Harry Styles 20th birthday Kendall even hosted a quite birthday for the One Directioner at her father Bruce Jenner's home.

Kendall Jenner's peace sign in the photo can have many connotations. First and foremost it could mean that she is done with all the crying after Harry's break-up  and is now at peace. Secondly it could mean that she does not care about Harry Styles' romantic link ups anymore and thirdly it could mean that she at ease with her new relationship with a mysterious man on Vespa.

Let us know what do you could be garnered from Kendall's peaceful photo on Vespa. Is she not concerend about Styles' PDA with Allison Mosshart

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