Whitney Houston's Daughter Caught Getting High After Mum's Funeral?

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Bobbi Kristina, the teen daughter of the late Whitney Houston suddenly disappeared right after her own mum's funeral and it caused far greater panic after rumours spread that she was in a hotel room getting high with some drugs.

The Daily Beast, mentioned two sources that said that the 18 year old was seen using some drugs right after the seemingly musical funeral. Bobbi Kristina was also reportedly sent to the hospital for having a nervous breakdown after knowing about her mum diva's death.

According to a family friend close to them, everyone was panicking already when they could not even contact the teenager's cell phone. But a representative of the family said that it is not true about the drug use part of Bobbi. Instead, they just mentioned that it could be all the stress of her own mother's death that causes such disappearances and breakdowns of the young lass.

The spokesperson of the Houston Family told the same publication that Bobbi Kristina is already fine and that her disappearance was just caused by her need to spend some time alone to be able to cope with this very hard time.

Bobbi Kristina also had records of having entered rehabilitation already due to drug abuse the previous year. The close family friend who served as source for the information said that it was one horrible scenario for the entire Houston family.

Now that Whitney is in the arms of the Lord, everyone just wishes that Bobbi Kristina would try to live a better life after all, she is all that Cissy, Whitney's mom, has left.

Still, the cause of Whitney Houston's death remains undetermined.


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