Whitney Houston: The Milestones of a Music Legend [PHOTOS]


Whitney Houston left a world filled with mixed success and decline at a personal level at the age of 48. She passed away right on the eve of this year's Grammy Awards right inside the same hotel where her own mentor Clive Davis was holding a pre-events party where she was even set to perform.

It was one dramatic scene not just for the artists and the celebrities, but also for the entire Beverly Hilton Hotel where numerous people gathered round to express their respects.

The cause of her death remains under investigation.

Whitney, during her lifetime, has sold about 200 million albums around the world and a record holder in winning a total of six Grammy awards along with a total of 26 nominations. She was the only artist too who had seven consecutive number one hits at Billboard Hot 100 and winner of 22 AMAs plus 38 nominations. Above all, she was the only artist who at least had one Grammy, MTV Video Music Award, Emmy, Billboard Music Award, and People's Choice Award.

No one can deny how stellar was the career that Whitney Houston led. It was during the early parts of 90s that she was considered the Queen of Pop. However, she started also living a very troubled life on the personal level of things.

It was in 1992 when she tied the knot with Bobby Brown and spent together a total of 14 years of tumultuous marriage filled with lots of violence and drug abuse.

The couple even starred in their own reality TV series as a couple entitled 'Being Bobby Brown' which showed a not so pleasant image of them both. Since then, the last decade of the life of Houston was marred already by drug abuse and a lot of trips to the rehab.

But just like any strong-willed person, Whitney still made a comeback tour to revive both her career and her life entirely in 2009. Despite all the hurdles, Whitney's career remained to be impressive through the years.

The singer shared the greatest affection to all the players of the music industry and it is without any doubt that everyone still feels for Whitney regardless of the not-so-good events in her life.

Check out the slideshow for some highlights of the life of Whitney Houston!


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