White Nexus 4 Leaked Out Following the Smartphone’s Return to Google Play [Slideshow]


Images of the white Nexus 4 have leaked out, supporting earlier reports that the Google-LG smartphone will be released apart from the original shining black.

Previously, blog reports have indicated that production of the white-covered Nexus 4 was underway and should be rolling out as soon as shipment woes that bogged down the smartphone's global distribution is resolved.

By midweek, the much-coveted phone returned to Google Play, signalling that delivery activities will resume. True enough, orders were accommodated with assurance that the package will be on the way after a maximum wait of two weeks.

It appears that when LG vowed to ship out the device soon, the company was holding off bits of surprise and here there are: the white Nexus 4 pics courtesy of the folks at Tinhte.vn.

Be warned though. The white shell only covers the back portion of Nexus 4 so this is not the usual white smartphone to its full glory. Not the way that Apple and Samsung had rendered the colour through the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 respectively.

It could be a disappointment but the bigger news is Nexus 4 is back in normal shipment mode and Google-LG thought it wise to toss in another colour option for the hit gadget with the same heft and muscle, of course.

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