'White Collar' Season 6 Update: Is USA Network Pulling the Plug on Neal Caffrey and Peter Burke?

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The cast and the crew of "White Collar" have not started filming the new season, as USA Network has yet to renew it for Season 6. In the past, usually around this time, Tim DeKay, Marsha Thomason, Willie Garson would be updating on Twitter about shooting the new Season. This time, however, there is no such word from them about Season 6.

On February 06, 2014, the official Twitter page of "White Collar" posted: "#Collars, you've been asking about Season 6. We will let you know as soon as we can."

"White Collar" Season 5 ended on a cliff-hanger with the kidnapping of Neal by an unknown person. Fans will feel cheated if there is no new season to reveal who kidnapped Neal and why. Citing sources, Deadline.com reports that USA Network is toying with the idea of mini-series -- and not a full season -- to wrap-up "White Collar."

According to the Deadline report, the writing staff of "White Collar" have taken-up other projects because of the uncertainty surrounding Season 6. Also, the report says that New York based crew-members have joined shooting of pilot projects. They will be available for "White Collar" only after the filming period for broadcast pilots is over, which is sometime in April.

Deadline report states that it has been a frustrating time for the cast of "White Collar." They cannot join pilot projects because "White Collar" is technically still on-air. The cast members want USA Network to announce soon so that they can plan their next step, accordingly.

In the Season 5 finale, Peter Burke and Neal Caffrey once again closed a case, successfully. The duo's success rate, however, stalled Neal's desire for an anklet-free life. The top brass does not want to unchain him, as he has become a great asset for the White Collar division. At the end of the episode, Neal was kidnapped and his tracking anklet was thrown away in a random, mini-van. He finally got what he wished for, but he still is not a free-man.

"White Collar" cannot end on such an open-ending note. May be, USA Network are deciding on the number of episodes to wrap-up "White Collar" before making any kind of announcement.           

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