‘White Collar’ Season 6 Update: Filming Begins in New York for the Last Adventure

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The cast and crew of "White Collar" have started filming the six episodes of Season 6, which is reportedly the final season of this popular show.

Matt Bomer, who plays Neal Caffrey, posted the photo of the cast on Twitter, saying "White Collar Season 6 begins!"  In the photo, one can see Caffrey, Mozzie (Willie Garon), Peter Burke (Tim DeKay), Clinton Jones (Sharif Atkins) and Diana (Marsha Thomason). [Check the Photo here]       

Garson also posted a shooting location photo, saying "Our locations are glamorous as hell.....@WhiteCollarUSA." [Check the Photo here]

The Season 5 of "White Collar" wrapped-up on a cliff-hanger. Neal got abducted by an unknown, shady character.  As previously reported, the upcoming new season is expected to return to Neal and Peter's core conflict. Jeff Eastin, creator of "White Collar," said to Entertainment Weekly, "We've got just enough room for one really beautiful plot: What is the last adventure these guys go on?"

Eastin said that they are creating the idea of "Neal vs. Peter," which is what the show is about. "Let's take Neal to his logical extreme, and Peter to his logical extreme, and crash the two things together and see what happens," he said.

The creator of the show did not confirm whether Neal will get his freedom in the final season, or not. In the previous season, Neal's freedom application was rejected because he had become an asset to the FBI. Eastin said that the final is "pretty close" to what he has been thinking for years.

 Meanwhile, Bomer revealed to TV Line that he had a wild idea" about how the story should end. He talked about it to DeKay and Garson. They later talked about it to Eastin.

"Everybody put their two cents in and were vibing on it. I think we came up with something that's really fun and fitting. When I thought about it, it was really the only way we could end the show," Bomer said.

In one of his interviews, Bomer had indicated that "White Collar" Season 6 is likely to air in winter 2016.  

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