‘White Collar’ Season 6 Spoilers: Neal Caffrey to be Back on Job but Things 'Not' Normal

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The cast and crew of "White Collar" are currently filming Season 6, which is reportedly the final season of the show in New York.  The previous season ended on the abduction of Neal Caffrey. There is much speculation on how Peter and Mozzie will find Neal. The latest spoiler report is that Neal will be back on his job in Episode 2 of Season 6  

TV Guide's Mega Buzz reports that "Neal will be back on the job by the second episode" after Peter and his team finds him the premiere episode. The report, however, does not reveal how they will find Neal and who is responsible for his kidnapping.

In addition, the spoiler report also indicates that Neal joining work does not mean things are getting back to normal in Episode 2 of "White Collar" Season 6. Neal will find himself in a jam. It is Peter who will be seen donning the con-hat and running a con to get Neal out of that jam, according to TV Guide.   

"Unfortunately, Peter's acting talents will be further put to the test when he has to start a fight to create a diversion. Let's hope he's not just pretending he can throw a right hook!" TV Guide reports.

It is expected that Peter and Neal will find themselves standing at extreme ends, as the show is set to return to Neal and Peter's conflict and explore what these two guys want more than anything else.

"Let's take Neal to his logical extreme, and Peter to his logical extreme, and crash the two things together and see what happens," Jeff Eastin, creator of "White Collar," had said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly while talking about Season 6. Eastin, however, did not tell whether Neal will get to see his freedom in the final season.

"White Collar" Season 6 consists of limited six episodes and it is speculated to air sometime in winter 2015. 

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