'White Collar' Season 6: Not Yet Renewed, Desperate Fans Open Twitter Account

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The Season finale of "White Collar" Season 5 aired on Jan 30, 2014. The episode, "Diamond Exchange," ended on a cliff-hanger, with the abduction of Neal Caffrey by an unknown person. Also, Peter Burke decided to stay back in New York and not take-up the job at Washington D.C., as Neal was denied freedom because of his and Tim's good record. The Burkes were set to have a long distance relationship, as Elizabeth decided to join her new job at Washington D.C.

The Season 5 finale laid the base for Season 6, but despite that there has been no confirmation till now that USA Network has renewed its popular series for another season. The cast of "White Collar" also has no idea about Season 6's' status.  USA Network is keeping them waiting, as well. "WE (the cast) want @WhiteCollarUSA back as much as you all do, please be aware of that and that we are waiting just like the rest of you," Willie Garrison, who plays Mozzie, had said on Twitter in February.

Garrison is very much active on Twitter. However, he also has no clue whether "White Collar" will be renewed for Season 6, or not. In the past, around this time, the actor had shared photos from the filming site.

On March 14, 2014, Willie Garson tweeted: "You realize telling THE CAST you want more @WhiteCollarUSA is insane,right? You know we have NOTHING to do with it, and want it ALSO, Right?"

This message was posted in response to tweets by "White Collar" fans. Desperate fans of "White Collar" fans have opened a Twitter account: White Collar Closure [@WCClosureTV]. This group of fans is hoping for Season 6 and 7. At the moment, this Twitter account has 387 followers. Jeff King, writer of "White Collar," Tim DeKay, Willie Garson and White Collar's official Twitter account, WhiteCollaroUSA have re-tweeted White Collar Closure's tweets.

In February, citing sources, Deadline.com had reported that USA Network is toying with the idea of mini-series -- and not a full season -- to wrap-up "White Collar."

Mini-series or a full series, "White Collar" fans deserve a proper closure to their favourite show. It should not end on Neal's abduction. 

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