‘White Collar’ Season 6: Likely to be Neal vs. Peter in Final Season

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For the final season, "White Collar" is set to return to its original conflict, which is the tension between the suave con-man Neal Caffrey and the upright FBI white collar agent Peter Burke.  Jeff Eastin, creator of "White Collar," has indicated that 'versus' will once again surface between Neal and Peter.

Talking about the idea of the upcoming season, Jeff Eastin, creator of "White Collar," said to Entertainment Weekly (EW), "It's to create this idea of Neal vs. Peter -- what the show always has been, and always should be -- and really run at that. That's the approach this year: Make the show when it's at its best."

According to Eastin, the show is at its best when Neal and Peter are talking and they look happy and are smiling, but as soon as Neal steps out of the room, Peter is suspicious. Eastin said to EW, "Peter's eyes narrow, because he knows he's up to something."

At the core of Neal vs. Peter is the question of what these two men want more than anything. Eastin said to EW, "Let's take Neal to his logical extreme, and Peter to his logical extreme, and crash the two things together and see what happens."

"White Collar" Season 6 consists of just six episodes. Eastin pointed out that the six episodes feel like a limited series. He called it a "really nice thing," adding, "We've got just enough room for one really beautiful plot: What is the last adventure these guys go on?"

The Season 5 wrapped-up with Neal's abduction by an unknown man. The abduction happened right after Neal came to know that the top bosses of FBI do not want to set him free, as they see him as an asset.  

When asked if "White Collar" will wrap-up with Neal's freedom, Eastin said, "Things began very in line with that, which was playing with this idea of Neal's future, where would both these guys end up and how do we get there."

Without revealing much about the ending of "White Collar" Season 6, Eastin said that the ending is quite close to what he has been thinking about for years. He had an idea about how he wanted to end the show and he discussed it with his two actors, Tim DeKay and Matt Bomer. Eastin also considered their input and what they wanted.

Eastin indicated that they have settled on an idea that they all "really, really liked."

The final season of "White Collar" is likely to premiere sometime in winter 2015. The filming is expected to begin this week. 

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