‘White Collar’ Season 6 to Explore Who is Neal Caffrey and What He Wants

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Jeff Eastin, creator of "White Collar," has said that Season 6 of "White Collar" will be more like a miniseries and there will be less of episodic criminal case.  Eastin has just six episodes to wrap-up all the storylines and give a fitting end to the much loved characters of Neal Caffrey and Peter Burke. Eastin has revealed that the final six episodes will try to find who Neal Caffrey is and what he wants, and also it will explore the relationship between him, Peter and Mozzie.     

In an interview with Forbes, Eastin confirmed that Season 6 is a single plot. He said, "Much less of the criminal of the week, in this case, and much more about really digging into who Neil is, what he wants, and the relationship between him, Peter, and Mozzie. So that becomes the real thrust of this year."

Eastin finds it exciting that "White Collar" Season 6 has just six episodes. He thinks that the six episodes are just like a miniseries. In my mind, you've got one really beautiful plot if you do it right. So that's how we're approaching it. We're looking at it as this White Collar miniseries that is going to really focus on one thing..."

"White Collar" Season 6 wrapped-up with the abduction of Neal by an unknown man. According to TV Guide's spoilers of the upcoming season, Peter and his team will locate Neal and he will be back to work in Episode 2 but will find himself in some kind of a "jam." It is Peter who may have to brush-up his 'non-existent' acting skills to cause a diversion by creating a ruckus.

Meanwhile in an earlier interview with Entertainment Weekly, Eastin had said that he plans to take Neal to his "logical extreme" and Peter to his "logical extreme" and crash the two things, together, and see what happens.   

"White Collar" Season 6 is said to be the final season. Currently, the cast and crew are the filming the new season in New York.

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