‘White Collar’ Season 5 Episode13 Preview/Spoilers: Will Neal Escape to Freedom in ‘Diamond Exchange’? [VIDEO]

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All the last four season finales of "White Collar" had elements of surprise and shock. The Season 4 finale featured Neal's father betrayal and Peter's arrest for the murder of a Senator. Will Season 5 Finale throw-up another shocking twist? It is a possibility that cannot be ruled-out.

The final episode of "White Collar" Season 5 is called "Diamond Exchange." The final episode will provide a closure to what began with Neal and Curtis Hagen's -- who is now dead -- deal. This deal put Neal on the con-track, again. He also met a woman who excited him. However, the woman, Rebecca, turned out to be a con-woman and a cold-blooded assassin. Neal helped Peter and his team arrest Rebecca.

In the penultimate episode, Rebecca escaped from prison and landed-up at Neal's apartment. Unbeknownst to Mozzie, she heard him tell Neal on phone -- which went to his voice mail -- that he has cracked the clues present in Mosconi Codex. It is the clues that lead to the rare diamond.

The preview clip of the new episode reveals that Rebecca has injected Mozzie, with a poison. Mozzie has only a few hours left. Rebecca can be seen telling Neal that it is diamond or his friend's life. She is not giving the anti-dote unless she gets the diamond. Mozzie is not dying because of the poison. The photographs of "Diamond Exchange" show Mozzie in his hospital bed, with a glass of wine. Peter, Elizabeth and Neal are at his bed-side.


The one thing Neal desperately wants is his freedom. He wants to lead his life, without the anklet or the handler. The diamond promises that freedom. In the preview, Neal can be seen asking Rebecca if her helicopter can take two people. The preview suggests that Neal has the diamond.

Will Neal take that helicopter with Rebecca? The helicopter promises freedom and he will be cutting all the strings, as he had desired to do so in one of the previous episodes.

Official Synopsis of "White Collar" Season 5 Episode 13, "Diamond Exchange": "Neal and Peter try to find hidden treasure beneath New York City before unsavoury people do."

"White Collar" Season 5 consists of only thirteen episodes, which is three less than the regular 16-episode-USA Network Season.

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