‘White Collar’ Season 5 Episode-13: Watch How Rebecca Escaped [VIDEOS]

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It is season finale time in USA Network's "White Collar." The final episode, "Diamond Exchange," will feature a poisoned Mozzie, with only a few hours to live, diamond hunt, Rebecca's deadly game and Neal eyeing his freedom. Peter Burke might miss his flight to Washington D.C.

According to the official Synopsis of "White Collar" Season 5 Episode 13, "Diamond Exchange," Neal and Peter will try to find the treasure [Read the whole diamond twin rock], which is hidden beneath New York City before Rebecca finds it.

The sneak peek of "Diamond Exchange suggests that Rebecca walked right out of the prison door wearing a cop uniform. Peter can be seen asking Neal if this is some kind of message, "If you can do, I can do, too."

Peter is alluding to when Neil had escaped from a prison wearing a cop uniform. Neil corrects Peter that he never had to hurt anyone to escape.  In the sneak peek, Rebecca is described has someone who has the "skill-set of a trained agent, with instincts of a criminal."


Neal and Peter are a combination of trained agent and criminal. They both try to crack how she escaped and what will be her next move, which might lead them to Neil's apartment. The promo of the episode shows Rebecca offering Neal a deal. She has injected Mozzie, with a deadly poison. Mozzie has only a few hours to live. Rebecca is ready to give Neal the antidote in exchange for the diamond.      

In another sneak-peek, Peter, Neil and Mozzie are at a historical place, which has something like million different hiding spots. Neil can be seen telling Mozzie and Peter to start looking as Mosconi must have left a trail. Mozzie does not look fine in the sneak peek, but he wants Neil and Peter to keep looking. According to Mozzie, death is nothing compared to a defeated and inglorious life.


In the final episode, it will be interesting to see if Neal chooses freedom and cuts all the strings to begin anew.   

"White Collar" Season 5 has only 13 episodes. 

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