White Collar Season 4 Episode 11 to Finale: 5 Things to Know from Series Creator Jeff Eastin

Scoop on Sam and the Peter-Neal dynamics all the way to the season finale

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White Collar Season 4 is back Tuesday night on U.S. television via USA network. Here are some of the things you have to remember from the pre-hiatus episode and some teasers from showrunner/series creator Jeff Eastin.

Spoiler alert: This contains spoilers for those who have not seen the most recent episodes of White Collar Season 4. Read at your own risk.

White Collar: Scoop on Neal's Dad, His Season 4 Struggles (Photo: USA Network/White Collar)

1. Trust, Faith, Peter and Neal. "I assume that there's an immense trust between the two of you," an FBI seminar facilitator tells Peter Burke and Neal Caffrey before an audience. They have just finished talking about one of the biggest near-death moments they've been in during their sleuthing, criminal-catching partnership.

"Usually," Peter says, after exchanging a meaningful look with Neal. He smiles as he says this, aware that he's speaking for both Neal and him. "Even when there isn't trust, there is faith," he adds. "That whatever the other is doing, it's for a good reason."

"As long as Peter has faith in me, I'll have faith in him," Neal reacts to a warm applause from the FBI audience. Moving forward in White Collar Season 4, Neal's father will put a strain to the faith and trust that Peter and Neal have for each other.

2. Neal's lack of trust and faith in his father. "Why didn't you tell me?" This is the first thing Neal threw at his dad moments after hearing from Peter the truth about "Fake Sam." Eastin told TVGuide.com Neal will struggle about the reality of his father and the ideals he held about him. Viewers will see a case of be-careful-what-you-wish-for.

3. Neal against all odds, including Mozzie and Peter. The series has shown that two people always got Neal's back. When he's at odds with one of them, the other stands by him. This time, he might pull away from Moz and Peter.

"It goes from Neal not embracing James as his father to then embracing James as his father and getting upset that Peter and Mozzie are questioning this," Eastin said.

4. Caffrey breaks down. It will be a lot to take in for Caffrey. His father being Fake Sam aka James. His new life with him. The trust issues. He'll be confused down to his guts. "This breakdown happens over a few episodes. It takes a few episodes for Neal to get back up to the point where he and James are OK," Eastin said.

5. The finale's coming. "We try to blow up as much as we can at the end of the seasons and then restore it somehow," Eastin said, hinting things are going to be messy between Neal Caffrey and Peter Burke. Sara will be back for a few episodes to keep things more interesting in the series. Mozzie will never run out of street-smart and intellectual quotes. Elizabeth will take on more challenges as Peter's rock. In the end (of the season), Eastin said Peter and Neal will be closer than ever.

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