‘White Collar’ RECAP Season 5 Finale ‘Diamond Exchange’: Neal Denied Freedom, Kidnapped [SPOILERS]

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Peter points out to Neal that Rebecca used Neal like strategy to get out of the prison, wearing a cop's uniform. Neal, however, disagrees, as he did not hurt anyone while Rebecca has severely hurt a CO. Since Rebecca has a skill set of a trained agent and instincts of a criminal, Neal and Peter use their combined skills to figure out Rebecca's next move. The two figure-out that Rebecca would first change her appearance, cutting her hair and colouring it. She will use an ordinary car to get away. And, as a master con-woman, Rebecca would still have fake Ids, passports and cash at another location. However, this woman would not escape, without the diamond.

Neal gets a call from his landlady. The call makes Neal, Peter and the FBI team land at his apartment. The landlady had found Mozzie unconscious. The bald-man wakes-up and tells Neal about Rebecca's presence in the apartment. Mozzie feels that Rebecca injected him, with something. A cell-phone rings, which has been kept in a Hindu mythology book. It is Rebecca's call. She tells Neal that she has injected Mozzie, with a lethal dose of highly toxic poison. Neal's friend has only a few hours to live. Rebecca wants Neal to find the twin-rock diamond and give it to her, in exchange for the antidote.

Neal has no other option but to agree. Mozzie is not ready to go to a hospital, saying that waiting for the result of the test would kill him. He wants to find the diamond. The symbols found in the Mosconi Codex are actually numbers from the old Hindu numerical system. Peter identifies them as coordinates. Neal uses the numbers as longitude and latitude, and Fort Totten comes-up, which is 1862 built building in Queens, New York.

Neal, Peter and Mozzie meet Ranger Alan Harper at Fort Totten. The Ranger briefs them on the History of the place. When he leaves them alone to explore, the trio rush to locate the diamond. Mozzie's condition is worsening but he is not ready to give-up. He quotes Napoleon and perhaps for the first time addresses Peter as Peter and not Suits, which confirms Neal's fear that Mozzie is not in good shape.

Mozzie is relentless in his search for the diamond, as that will save his life. He soon collapses, looking at a roof, saying that he has found it. Mozzie is taken to the hospital, while Neal and Peter continue their search for the diamond. Mozzie had looked at a roof, which has a hexagon symbol. Neal and Peter follow that lead and find a hollow wall in another structure. This wall is Mosconi's painting and not made of real bricks. Neal breaks the wall and takes out a pouch from the hollow portion. The pouch holds the diamond. Neal calls-up Rebecca, telling her that he has found the huge diamond, which might be worth 60 millions. He wants the antidote for Mozzie. Rebecca puts another condition. She will give him the antidote only after her successful escape, with the diamond.

Agent Jones and Diana work together to find the name of the poison. Rebecca had used the flowers of a poisonous plant to make the toxic poison. Despite Rebecca's attempt to fool the investigating team, Agent Jones and Diana correctly identify the source of the poison. At the hospital, Elizabeth is with Mozzie, who is quoting Napoleon as an expert. She receives a call from Agent Jones and Diana. They tell her about the poison and the antidote that Mozzie must receive. When the doctor refuses to give the antidote before the rest results, she goes ballistic on her. The doctor gives-in and prescribes that anti-dote for Mozzie.    

Neal agrees to meet Rebecca at a location to hand over the diamond. Peter puts in a plan to take down Rebecca. The meeting and the planning, however, are not required, as Rebecca appears in front of them at the fort, pointing a gun. She takes Peter's gun and their cell phones. She asks Neal to hand over the diamond. Neal obliges. Rebecca locks them in a room using Peter's handcuffs and runs-away from there.

Neal is unable to unlock the handcuff, as it is not on his hands. Peter comes-up with the idea of breaking the door down. The two team-up and use their powerful kicks to bring down the door, and they succeed. Neal and Peter hear the buzzing sound of a helicopter, Rebecca's get-away vehicle.

Neal runs to stop her, as he has the reason to make her stay. Peter calls-up the back-up team. Neal reaches Rebecca at a cliff before she can get away in the helicopter, hovering over her. Neal asks her if the helicopter can take two people, but Rebecca is not falling for Neal's ruse, again. He informs Rebecca that Mozzie has been given the right anti-dote and he is recovering. Also, Neal points out that Rebecca does not have the diamond. She checks the pouch to find a piece of the brick. The diamond is with Peter.

Neal asks Rebecca to know when it is over and give-up. Sensing danger, the helicopter leaves. Rebecca is completely trapped. She finally accepts defeat, throwing her gun in the water and waiting for the FBI team to arrive.

Peter lets Mozzie hold the diamond, but he cannot have it. He thanks Elizabeth for the terms of endearments that she bestowed on the doctor to save him. Once the Burkes leave, Neal tells Mozzie that he is not stealing the diamond, as he wants his freedom, which is worth more than the diamond. Mozzie reminds him that freedom still eludes him.

An unknown man is trailing Neal. He might be his new handler. However, Peter informs Neal he might very soon be without a handler. He has called-up the higher authority in Washington, telling him that Neal deserves his freedom. It seems like a done deal, with no one objecting to it. However, Peter and Neal's high success rate goes against Neal, as the higher authorities do not want to lose a great asset. Neal is denied his freedom.

Peter decides to not take-up Washington DC offer, as he needs to keep a watch on Neal. Neal is mighty disappointed and desperately wants his freedom. He turns to Mozzie, asking his help to get his freedom. Elizabeth decides to take-up her job at Washington D.C despite Peter deciding to stay back.

Neal confronts the unknown man and wants to know why he is following him and his identity. The man tells Neal: "I'm about to become the last person on Earth who knows where you are." His men put a bag over Neal's head and kidnaps him. Neal is thrown in a van, while his anklet lands-up in a moving mini-truck.  

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