'White Collar' RECAP Season 5 Episode 12: Rebecca Escapes in 'Taking Stock'

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Neal wants his sentence to be dropped and Peter's recommendation is critical for that. He tells Peter that he got his promotion because of the cases that 'they' solved, together. Neal wants to live a handler, anklet free life. Peter has spent a good amount of time with Neal as his supervising officer.  Neal wants Peter to do what is right and not give him a special treatment. Peter tells Neal that when it comes to him there is not one answer to what is right.

Agent Jones informs Peter and Neal that Rebecca's case is moving to indictment, the next morning. Peter is relieved and he tells Neal, "It's over." The evidence needs to be boxed-up and sent to the prosecutor's office.  Peters intends to do that himself on his last day at work. He did the same on his first day of work. Neal joins him. The two get to work, putting all the evidence collected from Rebecca's apartment in boxes and labelling, everything.

Once the work is done, Peter offers Neal a bottle of beer, as it is the right time to break a rule. They are officially off the clock. A phone rings and both Peter and Neal realise that, the phone in an evidence box is ringing. It is Rebecca's burner phone. Since her phones have been unlocked, Peter and Neal can hear the voice mail: "Rebecca Lowe, I got your number from one of your associates. I'm in need of your services, immediately. Call me back."  

Peter wants to follow this lead and investigate. However, he cannot send Neal as undercover and knocks at the door of Diana. Holding a baby in her arms, she tells Peter: "Hey boss, lets get to work."

At Neal's apartment, Mozzie walks-in to tell that Codex is haunting him. Neal asks him to relax, as the only people looking for the diamonds are them. Hearing that, Mozzie gets super-excited and talks big about starting a big illegitimate empire, with legitimate diamonds.

Peter sends a message to Neal, asking him to come back to the office. Agents Jones welcomes back Diana. Peter tells her that they know nothing about the message sender. Diana tells that if Rebecca does not call-up the person, he might seek someone else for the job. They cannot let that happen. She calls up and a man answers, saying that he was hoping she would call sooner. Diana does not want to do things Rebecca's way -- leaving the job information at a drop site. She tells the man to meet in person and in public and they are her rules. The man agrees and decides on Crawford plaza to meet, the next day in the afternoon.

However, there is a glitch as Rebecca's associate had briefed the man on Rebecca's signal. The man says he is looking forward to that. Neal tells that there is only one way to find that out. Rebecca is brought to FBI's White Collar division. Peter is not sure if Rebecca will reveal the signal to him. In the interrogation room, he tells Rebecca that she was brought to FBI's office because he likes to control his environment. Neal is watching the proceeding from outside. Peter tells her that he is there to strike a deal. Rebecca is amused. The deal does not unchain her, but she can enjoy small benefits during her prison stay. Rebecca tells him that he knows that she wants only one thing. She wants to know what Peter wants.

Rebecca agrees to tell the signal, but only to Neal. Peter does not agree to that condition. He is about to walk out of the room, when she says, she will tell him but she needs to see Neal, as well. Those are her terms. The signal: a watch on left wrist, banded upside-down, set to the time of 10: 20.

Diana is seated on a bench at the decided location, while Agent Jones is keeping a watch from the van. The man sees the signal and asks her to follow him to discuss what he wants her to do. Agent Jones gets the man's photographs on the system and pulls out information on him. He is Conrad Wurth, a suspect in another agency's investigation. There is not much information available on him. Agent Jones feels something is not right and decides to follow Diana and Conrad.    

Neal meets Rebecca. She asks him if he remembers her last words that she will see him. She calls their meeting, again, something out of a novel. Neal agrees, telling her that it is just like a novel that one buys at the airport and leaves it at the seat's back pocket. Rebecca looks disappointed and tells him that she is still Rebecca. Neal tells her that the first time they met she had the "innocence of Kate, the wit of Sarah and the allure of Alex." Rebecca calls herself Neal's perfect woman. Neal is no longer falling for that. He tells her she is not, as she made herself into the perfect woman. Neal calls Rebecca a murderer.

Neal says "its over" when Rebecca points out that he still has feelings for her. Rebecca says that she can see through all his lies. Neal's expression says he is no longer confident about his feelings. Conrad takes Diana to an apartment. He is suspicious about her, as something does not match-up. He takes a test to be sure about the person in front of him. Conrad asks what happened in Caracas in the year May 2009.

Peter asks Neal to ask that question to Rebecca. She is willing to give the answer only if they go one for one. Rebecca asks Neal if he thinks he is smarter than Peter. He says "yes," adding that Peter thinks he is smarter, and the argument between the two continues. Diana is able to answer Conrad's question, correctly, as Rebecca tells Neal about Caracas. She had killed someone, brutally.     

Conrad wants a flash drive from an R & D facility in mid-town. Rebecca says to Neal that they are alike and are meant to be, together. Neal reminds her that she is a murderer and not a thief. He does not see any chance of them getting back, together. Rebecca tells him that circumstances change as he snitched for the very people who were hunting him down, four years ago. She wants to know about the diamonds. Neal asks her what makes her think he already does not have it. Rebecca points out that the way his eyebrows moved she can say that he does not have them. Neal walks out of the interrogation room, saying that whatever happens next does not include Rebecca.     

When Peter informs the head of the R & D facility, Beck, about the possible flash-drive theft, the man does not seek FBI's help to stop it. Peter's team get photographs of him, trying to sneak-out with the flash-drive. Peter and co discover that Beck was once Conrad's boss. It is soon revealed that the flash-drive contains an illegal algorithm. The drive could cause the financial ruin of the country.

Diana has to get hold of the drive before Friday morning. She and Neal arrive in front of Beck's house and watch him and his wife leaving the house. If Peter is unable to get a warrant, Diana and Neal decide to break-in. However, Diana has to leave Neal alone to complete the mission, as her baby's care-taker called-up. It looks like an emergency situation at home. However, Diana walks in to find Mozzie there, and bugging the life out of the care-taker. The care-taker quits her job and walks out. Diana has no option but to leave her baby in the care of Mozzie.    

Neal manages to steal the flash-drive from Beck's vault, and get away with it. The algorithm in the drive can cause the market to nose-drive, the result of which can be catastrophic. Diana hands over a similar yet different drive to Conrad. When it looked like Diana has succeeded in fooling Conrad, he pulls out a gun at her. He had received a message on his phone that Rebecca is in prison. Diana is too agile and smart and soon out-smarts him. Conrad is arrested. He had wanted to steal the flash-drive to take revenge on his former boss. The boss had got away with the illegal algorithm, while he had to face the investigation and sacking. Peter and co find out that the message was sent by Rebecca from the Metropolitan Correction Centre. Peter is furious to discover that.

The baby time works for Mozzie, as he figures out that Mosconi last codes were numbers, and not symbols. Peter and Neal have once again closed a case, successfully. Peter has only one question for Neal. He asks him: "Do you think you can go straight?" Neal says "Yes," without any hesitation his voice. Peter wants to believe him but cannot after what all he has done. Neal says that if he does not believe him, "I'll have to do it on my own."

Peter receives a phone call. He tells Neal that Rebecca has escaped. Mozzie calls-up Neal to give him the good news, but reaches his voice mail. He tells Neal that Masconi last codes were numbers, numbers that by the time Neal gets home can lead them to the diamonds. Rebecca is at Neal's apartment, listening to Mozzie. 

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