‘White Collar’: Did Rebecca’s Man Kidnap Neal Caffrey? White Collar Not Yet Renewed for Season 6

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"White Collar" Season 5 ended on a cliff-hanger, as was expected by the loyal viewers of this USA Network's series. In the season finale of Season 5, "Diamond Exchange," Neal was kidnapped by an unknown man and he was thrown in a van.  Neal's anklet was thrown away in a random, moving mini-truck.

Prior to his kidnapping, Peter informed Neal that FBI does not want to drop charges against him, as they see him as a great asset. If he had not been an asset, Neal would have been thrown inside a prison cell. Neal found himself in a Catch 22 situation, with no freedom in sight. He asked Mozzie to help ensure his freedom. Before Mozzie could come-up with a plan, Neal was kidnapped.

Neal finally got his much desired anklet-free life, but at a cost. The kidnapper said to Neal: "I'm about to become the last person on Earth who knows where you are." The unknown man started following Neal only after Rebecca conceded defeat. There is a possibility that Neal has been kidnapped on the behest of Rebecca. Perhaps, she found her way out of the prison, again. Or, she ordered the kidnapping from her prison cell. Both the possibilities cannot be ruled-out, as one cannot stop a deadly assassin when she falls in love with a con-man.   

USA Network's has yet to announce the renewal of "White Collar" for Season 6. Since the Season 5 ended on a cliff-hanger, one can expect it return for one final season.  Nick Thiel, executive producer and writer of "White Collar," revealed to New York Daily News that they are still waiting for a confirmation from USA Network. However, he is hopeful that it will be renewed.

"We had good ratings and we have a loyal fan base. I'm hoping we'll get the go-ahead to put the next season in motion soon," Thiel said.

Thiel said that the "White Collar" team had started, hoping to get seven seasons to narrate their story. "That's a really good run. But we feel like we've got a lot left," he said.

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