Which is Samsung’s Biggest Competitor Now: LG or Apple?

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With Apple's share prices down to less than $400 from a peak of $700 more than a year ago, it appears that South Korean tech giant has written off the California-based firm as its main competitor. It appears that the Samsung vs Apple rivalry, which has reached courts in different continents, would soon become history.

Shaping up as Samsung's toughest competitor is not any of the former number one tech firms attempting a comeback such as Nokia, Motorola or BlackBerry, but another Seoul-based company - LG.

Techcrunch confirms the South Korea vs South Korea battle in a visit to Seoul, noting that the two tech giants are obsessed with one another amid reports of stolen technologies and also lawsuits between Samsung and LG.

To ensure no company secrets or patents leak out to each other, visitors to the campuses of Samsung and LG go through very tight security measures as if going through airport security procedures. Visitors' bags are scanned, cameras are confiscated, lenses on smartphone cameras are taped over, USB storage devices are banned and there are dozens of security cameras all over the place.

Most of these stringent security measures are implemented at exit points to ensure no company secrets leak.

Even Seoul's police force has been included in their rivalry after the authorities raided Samsung plants to find evidence that would support LG's charge that Samsung spied on it.

The Korea Times reported that LG claimed that Samsung stole its White OLED technologies, but Samsung denied the accusation, saying it controls global demand for OLED displays, used for screens of smartphones and tablets.

The two Asian tech giants were locked in court disputes over the OLED technology when LG filed a damage suit against Samsung which sought to nullify LG's seven OLED patents. While they agreed to seek a compromise, LG is seeking compensation.

Android Authority reported, based on a Korea Times column, that LG may beat Samsung to release gadgets with flexible displays, saying the LG is slated to ship its first batch of flexible displays in the later part of 2013.

However, Android Authority said the LG device would likely feature only curved panels encased in rigid glass, similar to the smart bezel prototype that Samsung showcased at the CES 2013.

So where does this leave Apple in the equation? Perhaps Tim Cook is still at the tombstone of Steve Jobs divining an answer what device would help move Apple stocks are least back to $400.

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